Should the Anaheim Ducks get in on the Taylor Hall Sweepstakes?

Taylor Hall #91 of the Arizona Coyotes (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Taylor Hall #91 of the Arizona Coyotes (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Taylor Hall #91 of the Arizona Coyotes (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) /

Weighing The Pro’s & Con’s

In the end, there is probably enough in the red to keep the Ducks away from putting in a serious bid for Hall’s services. In almost 90% of scenarios, this would be in the best interests of the Anaheim Ducks as well. However, for a team whos reasons for having fans attend is skinny going on anorexic, Hall provides a big, fat, ball of excitement that drags fans to games and up and out of their seats. Trevor Zegras might be that player for them down the line, though that could be many years away.

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The Ducks need fans to attend their games in a bad way, and it just may be that the acquiring Hall in free agency is their current best option. He could provide an outlet for the Ducks to trade away some of the “top end” players for high-level draft selection, and at the same time thrill the fans and keep them coming until the draft picks have turned into NHL talent in their own rights.

Should the Ducks not go down that rebuilding path and attempt to use Hall as a piece to push into the postseason, they would still need to cut salary, however, it would be hard to argue that Hall isn’t a forward line upgrade on any players they may consider trading out in order to accommodate him. Assuming Hall’s recent run of relatively good health continues, his productivity could be enough to push the Ducks into the playoffs, over what would be a then-weakened Arizona team.

However, despite Hall creating options for the Ducks, the risks are substantial and the Anaheim team under Bob Murray’s stewardship has been notoriously risk-averse. Still, sometimes a “good” plan throw together hastily, is often better than a “perfect” plan delayed.

If the Anaheim Ducks want to become a relevant hockey team again, then they need to make some splashes. They may be made by selling the farm and making trades to start a full one rebuild. Or they may be made, by signing the biggest name in this year’s free agency class and seeing the chips fall where they may.

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