Anaheim Ducks: Moves Bob Murray Could Make During Offseason

Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Who could the Ducks bring in via free agency that will help this team succeed?

Brad Senecal: The easy answer here is obviously Ryan Getzlaf, as most fans would love to see the captain continue his road to 1000 points. Also, fans could look to manifest at Bob Murray putting the band back together and additionally signing Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan…..not likely, but hey, it’s a thought.

Knowing Bob Murray he will likely be trying to make this team as competitive as possible. When looking at players that could fit I look at two members of the Florida Panthers this year in Alexander Wennberg and Anthony Duclair. Both players are coming off of one-year deals with the Panthers and both had good seasons.

With uncertainty as far as the new salary cap goes, there is potential that these players again have a difficult time securing a long-term deal. If the Ducks could get one of these guys on a short-term contract it would be welcomed additions to the team.

Ben Thomasian: I think the Ducks desperately need to embark upon a rebuild and recruiting older (quality) UFA’s is antithesis to that aim. Thus, I would merely look to bring back Ryan Getzlaf.

Though, if I had to reach outside of the organization I think Jack Johnson could fit in with what the Ducks look like they’re trying to achieve. Given he can’t defend and the Ducks want to tank, securing Johnson on a one-year deal could really help push the Ducks to the front of the line in the Brad Lambert sweep of 2022.

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Adam Tenenbaum: Let me dream for a second that Murray signs a legit scorer to help out this young core, and suggest the likes of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Brandon Saad. I chose those 2 because unlike others they are only 28 and still have upside in their game. If they can be had for 3-5 years, it wouldn’t be the worst idea.

An underrated D-man that could be had to help the bottom pair, is Niklas Hjalmarsson. While older, he still can defend at a high level, probably won’t command more than 2-3 mil, and can play shut down defense and help the rest of the d core with his experience.

Ciara Durant: This honestly depends on what happens at the expansion draft. However, the obvious answer is to bring Ryan Getzlaf back. Unless he decides to retire, it is almost as sure as the sunrise that he will be back in Anaheim. Nevertheless, the Ducks really need to find players who can score goals and help with special teams.

While the likes of Alex Ovechkin or Gabriel Landeskog are off the table, and probably far too expensive, there are still a few decent options for the Ducks to go after. If they want to add experience and veteran presence, Mike Hoffman or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins might be decent options. If Murray is looking to make this team even younger, Alexander Wennberg would be an excellent option.

And, of course, as Brad mentioned, there’s always the option of reuniting Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and Bobby Ryan. While that may be a pipe dream, it’s a fun one to mull over in your head.

Redan Lopez: A veteran winger that can maybe ignite the power play like Mike Hoffman. If we’re looking for somebody younger and still proven and willing to spend big, go for Patrik Laine on a bridge contract.

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