Anaheim Ducks 3 Stars of the Week: Reverse Retros Steal the Show

Derek Grant #38 of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Derek Grant #38 of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

It has become a habit for us over the past few weeks. On Tuesday the Pucks of a Feather staff nominates our Anaheim Ducks 3 Stars of the Week. We usually go back and forth, stating our cases for the players we believe deserve recognition from the previous week. Sometimes we are in agreement, other times, not so much. In the end, however, we always find the three players we believe stand out above the rest.

This week, we have taken a slightly different route. While we did nominate a few players, there were no long-winded discussions or friendly debates. After the Anaheim Ducks abysmal performance over the last four games, finding anything positive to talk about has become quite difficult, and the group discussion we had following the 8-4 loss against Colorado made that more clear than ever before.

In four games, the Anaheim Ducks were outscored 22-6. This lowers their goal differential to -36, which is the third-worst in the entire league. Now on a four-game losing streak, they have officially secured the last place spot in the Honda West Division.

While it is hard to pick out positives from a week filled with so many negatives, they are there if you look hard enough. So, this week, we are taking the focus off of the players, and bringing attention to some very important subject matter in the Anaheim Ducks franchise.

Third Star: The Anaheim Ducks Social Media Team

The Anaheim Ducks social media team, especially on Twitter, deserves a lot of love after this last week. When the team is performing badly, they become the whipping boy for the rest of the organization. Yet, despite the undeserved backlash, they consistently show up for the fans.

Every game, without fail, the social media team provides us with important information: injury news, lineups, photos, streaming information, live updates, post-game interviews, articles, and any other info that is pertinent to the team.

This season has been a lot different in many ways due to the pandemic. But thanks to the social media team, we get the inside scoop into what is happening both on and off the ice. Without their hard work, we wouldn’t have access to any of the content they provide for us.

The Ducks social media team has received some criticism over the years for their lack of creativity and intrigue, especially when compared to other teams. However, they’re doing what they can, and after everything that has happened these last few weeks, and with the current state of the world, they’re handling things well.

Second Star: You! The Fans

Another blown lead, a 6-0 blowout, and a whole host of other issues; the Anaheim Ducks are lucky they still have fans left. However, if the past few seasons have taught me anything it’s that Anaheim Ducks fans are as dedicated as they come.

With mixed messages from Bob Murray, no direction on the ice, a nine-game losing streak, and another losing streak on the horizon, this season has been another frustrating ride. But you have hung in there, making the most of it.

While we aren’t always a positive bunch, and who can blame us when our team is currently sitting at the bottom of the league, we still manage to have fun. They say misery loves company, and while it would be nice to see our team putting together some wins, over the last three seasons, I feel like the Anaheim Ducks fan base has grown closer, and that is a win in my book.

First Star: Retro Reverse Jersey’s

The Anaheim Ducks reverse retro jerseys stole the show this week. We have been waiting to see them on the ice since before the season even began, and it is rather disappointing we will only get to see this jersey in action twice before the conclusion of the season. This has a lot of fans asking for the organization to bring them back next year. Possibly a good concept for a new alternate jersey?

Here’s what the Pucks of a Feather staff had to say about this thing of beauty:

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Ben Thomasian: I dig them like my momma was a shovel. Yeah, it’s a mediocre logo, but the colors are fresh and it works together. The not-quite eggplant gloves pop and stand out. The not-quite jade is cool like a breath of mint. Hands down the best jersey the Anaheim Ducks have worn since their logo/color change over a decade ago.

Brad Senecal: I am a big fan of these jerseys, but obviously wouldn’t be a fan of them using them often. While they may be considered an eyesore, they are very much a talking point, which is good for the team. Also, it’s always good to have a throwback.

TJ Watson: The jerseys pay a certain homage to the OG logo. Of course, it’s not the same, but it’s close enough. They need to bring back the old-school jerseys though.

Ciara Durant: If you know me well, you are well aware of the comments I’ve made regarding the reverse retro. I think atrocious was the word I used? However, seeing it all come together out on the ice has me singing a different tune. These jerseys were crisp, clean, and altogether beautiful. The gloves tied it all together for me. While this logo will always go down as one of the weirdest in Ducks history, I am here for the nostalgia it brings back.

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