Anaheim Ducks: Ryan Kesler Undergoes Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Today, May 13, 2019, the Anaheim Ducks announced via their twitter feed that Ryan Kesler underwent successful “hip resurfacing surgery”

Today, it was announced that Ryan Kesler underwent long-needed hip surgery on May 9, 2019, to help a long-lingering hip injury to his right hip. This is an injury that has plagued the veteran center of the Anaheim Ducks over the past 2 seasons, limiting him to 44 games last season and 60 games this past season, including missing the final 14 games of 2019.

Hip resurfacing is a form of hip replacement that helps provide pain relief and helps the patient lead a more normal life. Rather than replacing the head of the thighbone and the socket, however, during hip resurfacing the “femoral head” is trimmed down and capped with a smooth metal covering, and the damaged socket is removed and replaced with a metal shell. While a hip replacement usually marks the end of a career for high-end athletes, hip resurfacing has given some hope to athletes who struggle with hip issues.

Dr. Edwin Su is the doctor who performed the hip resurfacing for Ryan Kesler, he’s also the doctor who performed the procedure on Mark Calaway (WWE’s The Undertaker) in 2012, as well as fellow NHLer Ed Jovanovski in 2013. Both The Undertaker and Ed Jovanovski returned to their respective professions after about a year post-op and performed at a high (albeit lower than their peak) level.

That doesn’t mean a return is necessarily in the cards for Kesler. While Jovanovski and The Undertaker both returned, the Undertaker did so on a very limited schedule and by continuing his professional wrestling career has worn down his resurfaced hip to the point where he reportedly needs a total hip replacement.

Ed Jovanovski became the first NHL player to return following the procedure but was limited in his playing time as well, coming back mid-way through the 2014 season, playing 37 games before being bought out by the Panthers and ultimately calling it a career following his comeback season.

In the article detailing Kesler’s surgery, it’s mentioned by both the Anaheim Ducks General Manager Bob Murray and Kesler himself that his playing future is unknown. His life after hockey and the ability to spend time with his family and lead a normal life without pain are the top priorities.

Ryan Kesler is a warrior who powered through a severe hip injury to reach the milestone of 1000 games played. He has nothing left to prove in the NHL, and while no-one should ever bet against him, it’s entirely possible we’ve seen the last of Ryan Kesler in the NHL.

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