Anaheim Ducks: The First Annual Pucks of a Feather Awards

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 05: Anaheim Ducks players react after center Carter Rowney (24) scored a gaol in the first period of a game against the Los Angeles Kings played on April 5, 2019 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. (Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 05: Anaheim Ducks players react after center Carter Rowney (24) scored a gaol in the first period of a game against the Los Angeles Kings played on April 5, 2019 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. (Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

There are several Anaheim Ducks who deserve to be recognized, despite the difficult season. In order to do so, we present to you, the first annual Pucks of a Feather Awards.

The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing and 8 teams are vying for a chance to move on to their respective conference finals. The Anaheim Ducks, and their fans, however, are more than ready to put 2018-19 behind them and start focusing on what lies ahead instead of the wreckage that has been left in their wake.

With so much promise going forward with a new coach, rookies who are ready and willing to step up, the 2019 draft, and a blank slate, there are still players and moments that deserved to be recognized from this past season. While we’d love to forget this season happened, there are plenty of moments and players that were unforgettable.

Paul Kariya and Scott Niedermayer‘s jersey’s joined Teemu Selanne‘s number 8 in the rafters. We witnessed Ryan Miller take on the title as one of the greatest American Born goaltenders in NHL history. Sam Steel netted his first career hat trick, finishing it on a penalty shot. One of the greatest moments of the season is when we witnessed a warrior, Ryan Kesler, reach his 1,000th career NHL game. Who of us really wants to forget those moments?

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Here at Pucks of a Feather, we believe that even in the ruins of 2018-19, these moments and the players behind such great moments deserve to be recognized. It is unlikely, and unfortunate, that any of the Anaheim Ducks will be recognized at the NHL Awards this season. That does not mean they do not deserve recognition, and we intend to give it to them, and who better to give it to them than Ducks Nation?

We have 14 awards that we have created, but we need your help. No one knows the Anaheim Ducks better than their fans, and while Pucks of a Feather is here to represent the voice of the fans, we want to hear your voice!

2018-19 Pucks of a Feather Awards

Over the next week, you will have a chance to vote on which player or moment deserve each respective award. Choose wisely, and may the best Anaheim Ducks or the best moment of the 2018-19 season win!

Duck of the Year

Nominees: John Gibson, Ryan Getzlaf, Jakob Silfverberg, Adam Henrique

This award is for the player who showed integrity, perseverance, sportsmanship, and has been a pillar for the Anaheim Ducks in the midst of this incredibly difficult season. They have led by example and their hard work was evident throughout the season.

Best Offensive Player of the Season

Nominees: Ryan Getzlaf, Jakob Silfverberg, Rickard Rakell, and Adam Henrique

Awarded to the player who most often led the charge into the opponent’s end of the ice, shooting or passing, they were the most potent threat for the Anaheim Ducks this season.

Best Defensive Player of the Season

Nominees: Hampus Lindholm, Josh Manson, Kiefer Sherwood, Devin Shore

Awarded to the player who stick, hip, or body checked the other team the most often, clearing the crease and doing his best to make John Gibson’s job slightly easier.

Rookie of the Year

Nominees: Troy Terry, Max Jones, Sam Steel, Jacob Larsson

The rookies were one of the highlights of the Anaheim Ducks season this year. The Rookie of the Year should be the rookie that had the biggest impact on the ice this season, improved the most throughout the season, and looks to have the most promise going forward.

Best Trade/Aquisition of the Year

Nominees: Daniel Sprong, Devin Shore, Derek Grant, Brendan Guhle 

Bob Murray made quite a few surprising, interesting, and smart trades this season. The best trade/acquisition award should be awarded to the addition on the team who had the biggest impact, improved the roster, has the highest upside, and was the biggest game-changer for the Anaheim Ducks.

Most Improved Player of the Season

Nominees: Nick Ritchie, Cam Fowler, Kiefer Sherwood, Troy Terry

This award is for the player who has shown vast improvement from last season or the beginning of the season. While they may have started off on the wrong foot, they became an important part of the roster as the season progressed.

Community Involvement Award

Nominees: Cam Fowler, Ryan Getzlaf, Andrew Cogliano, John Gibson

The Anaheim Ducks are very active in their community in partnership with the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. The Community Involvement award was created to give recognition to whoever has had the biggest impact on the community individually.

Hercules Award

Nominees: John Gibson, Jakob Silfverberg, Adam Henrique, Ryan Getzlaf

The Hercules Award is meant for the player who carried the team on their back this season when the rest of the team was perfectly okay with accepting a loss.

Unsung Hero Award

Nominees: Ryan Miller, Devin Shore, Troy Terry, Kevin Boyle

This award is for the player who was a hero for the Anaheim Ducks at one or several moments throughout the season. However, they do not always get the recognition they deserve.

Most Exciting Player of the Season

Nominees: Maxime Comtois, Daniel Sprong, Max Jones, Troy Terry

This award is not meant for the best player of the season, but rather the most exciting player. Forget about point production and statistics. This award is meant for the player who, when on the ice, was the most exciting to watch.

Best Moment of the Year

Nominees: Paul Kariya’s Jersey Retirement, Scott Neidermayer’s Jersey Retirement, Randy Carlyle being Fired, Bob Murray’s First Game Behind the Bench

This award is simple to explain. Simply choose your favorite moment from the season!

Game of the Year

Nominees: The comeback in the Capital (12/02/18), The Home Opener (10/08/18), Bob Murray’s First Game (02/13/19), Winning the Nashville Series (03/12/19)

This award is for the Anaheim Ducks best or most exciting game of the year. Was it the Comeback in the Capital when the team came back to win the game 6-5 after being down 5-1? Maybe it was the rematch that was 25 years in the making during their Home Opener against the Detroit Red Wings.

Who can forget about Bob Murray’s first game behind the bench and Kevin Boyles first career NHL Game and career shut out? Last but not least, to keep the rivalry alive, you can choose the final game in the Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators regular season series, a series the Ducks won 2-1 with both Randy Carlyle and Bob Murray behind the bench.

Jared Boll Grit Award

Nominees: Jake Dotchin, Carter Rowney, Josh Manson, Nick Ritchie

Jared Boll is very important to us here at Pucks of a Feather seeing as how we have one of the founding members of the Jared Boll Fan Club on our staff. To honor his time with the Anaheim Ducks, we have created the Jared Boll Grit award, an award for the player who proved to have the grittiest and most Jared Boll like attitude on the ice this season.

Comeback of the Year

Nominees: Ryan Kesler, Patrick Eaves, Corey Perry, Kevin Roy

Comebacks are a great part of hockey, and this year, the Anaheim Ducks had several worth noting. This award is for the player who’s come back to the ice was the most anticipated and worth waiting for.

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Our polls will be open until Friday, May 10th. After the votes have all been counted, we will announce them in the days following. Again, choose wisely and may the best Anaheim Duck or moment win.