Anaheim Ducks: Raise, Call, Fold – Nick Ritchie

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 5: Nick Ritchie
ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 5: Nick Ritchie /

Covering the Anaheim Ducks is serious business. After a long month, some of the staff here at Pucks of a Feather decided to have a little fun with a topic. We have a game we refer to as Raise, Call, Fold. The rules are easy. When you agree with the statement – Raise. When you disagree – Fold. Somewhere between the two – Call.

Our subject this time around is Anaheim Ducks left wing, Nick Ritchie. He was selected with the 10th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. By 2015-16 he had some call-ups to the Ducks from the minors. The following season, he became a regular fixture in the team’s lineup. Ritchie has played 181 games with the Ducks, scoring 24 goals and adding 33 assists for a total of 57 points (8G, 17A in 2017-18).

1) Nick Ritchie needs to spend a game or two in the press box?

Blake Navarro – Call. I think he’s played better. But the stupid penalties seem to keep happening. Don’t think sitting him will help right now. Especially in this playoff race.

Greg Johnson – Raise. Nick is capable of more. He’s not reacting quickly enough to the play. And the nice hands he has for passing from behind the net have disappeared.

Ed Stein – Raise. A game or two in the press box can be a good learning tool for a young player. First, watching in real-time can add some “perspective” to a player and his decision making. Second, It’s a heck of a motivational tool. No self-respecting professional athlete wants to come out of the lineup when healthy.

Q2) The Anaheim Ducks should trade Nick Ritchie this offseason.

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Blake – Raise. He can still bring in a good haul. Plus it could give Kevin Roy a spot.

Greg – Fold. The Ducks won’t get much in return. And he fits their mold with that big body. Seeing him play with Max Jones would be fun.

Ed – Raise. Unless Ritchie has an unbelievably outstanding post-season, his value will continue to decrease. He obviously isn’t one of Anaheim Ducks coach Randy Carlyle‘s favorites, so GM Bob Murray can play the change of scenery card. Time is running out on that option.

3) Nick Ritchie is a bust as a #10 overall pick in the entry draft.

Blake – Raise. As of right now, he’s not playing like a #10 overall pick. He’s been so inconsistent and hasn’t had more than 15 goals in a season. Only 57 Career points in 181 games and 24 goals in that span.

Greg – Call. It’s too early to be sure. So far he is a bust. But there has to be more there. If this is who he is, that pick was a waste. Derek Grant has more goals with less opportunity.

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Ed – Call. I would wait another season to make that condemnation. He’s only 22. Getting away from Carlyle could turn his career around.