Anaheim Ducks Final Grades: Andrew Cogliano


The grades continue to get handed out as our off-season series of Final Grades continues. Next up we take a look at Anaheim Ducks “Iron-Man” Andrew Cogliano.


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Cogliano once again kept his streak alive of never missing a game as he appeared in all 82 regular season games and all 16 playoff games the Ducks had. He put up decent numbers overall as he compiled a line of 15-14-29 in the regular season and added 3-6-9 in the playoffs. He had some big regular season goals including his first of the season, a shorthanded 3rd period goal that tied the game and eventually led to an opening night Ducks win. He also picked up two game winning goals this season and led the Ducks with three shorthanded tallies on the season.

In the post-season Cogs posted a career high nine points and was a threat to make something happen every time he was on the ice. He has blistering speed and has also become much stronger on the puck. Before if he got in tight spaces he was easily bumped off the puck, now he is able to shield the puck much better and use his speed to escape corners. He can play in any situation and bring fans to the edge of their seats because he has scoring ability and if you give him open space good luck catching him. Cogliano is just 28 years old and is entering the prime of his career. This guy is more than speed as he has great offensive instincts, battles every second he’s on the ice, and never gives up on anything. You will get his very best from puck drop to final horn and it’s something all players should model their game after. Even if he doesn’t score on a particular shift he injects life into the whole team with his tenacity and speed and when hes rolling you can tell the team feeds off of it.

Room for Improvement:

Cogliano put up 29 points in primarily a 3rd line wing spot all season. It’s hard to complain about just shy of 30 points from a 3rd liner but Cogs is capable of more. He put up 42 points a season ago and there is no reason why he can’t be a consistent 40 point player. At times he seemed snake-bit and it makes you wonder was it bad luck this year or great luck last year? Time will tell but it’s no secret that his fire to play and compete was re-kindled in Anaheim. Edmonton took the life out of him and he has a vital role on this Ducks team.

He is no doubt a leader that I believe is capable of more production. He may not have a consistent center as it could be Rickard Rakell, Shawn Horcoff, Chris Wagner, or when he returns from injury Nate Thompson. Regardless of whom it is as his pivot Cogliano is capable of being a 40 point player. And if the Ducks decide a speed line is the way to go and put the likes of Jiri Sekac on his other wing good luck to any defensive pair catching those two. Something like that may be what Cogs needs. A wing that is just as fast as him that is creative and can get him the puck. At points last season he seemed to sputter, that shouldn’t happen with another speedster on his other wing. And if the Ducks are getting 40 points from a 3rd line winger imagine how many points guys on the top 2 lines will have.

Awarding a B grade for the season may be a little tough on Cogliano but its because I expect more out of him. He is capable of much more than 29 points in a season as shown by his playoff numbers. Expound his playoff stats over 82 games and you’re looking at 45 points not 29. He has proved he can be a 20 goal scorer to boot and I’m expecting that come next season. Cogs wants to be in Anaheim and knows that they have what it takes to win it all. Expect him to do everything he can to make sure he’s lifting the Cup overhead next June .. RW. Anaheim Ducks. ANDREW COGLIANO. B