Anaheim Ducks: Trevor Zegras Named WJC MVP

In a near-historic effort to lead team USA to gold, Anaheim Ducks prospects, Trevor Zegras, has been named MVP of the World Junior Championship.

You’ve all heard the news by now. The Canadian super-team, hamstrung by their refusal to play Anaheim Ducks prospects Brayden Tracey or Jacob Perreault, wallowed in goal scoring mediocrity and were shut out, 2-0, by the American team in the World Junior Championship Finals.

With the euphoric joy that comes with success, there must also be some sadness. Alas for Bobby Ryan, he’ll no longer be the only “Silver” in the Ducks franchise as it appears Jamie Drysdale will be picking up the moniker.

But more importantly, the Anaheim Ducks now have four World Junior Championship gold medal players in their ranks. Jackson LaCombe, Sam Colangelo, Henry Thrun, and Trevor Zegras. Now sure, all of these players are Ducks prospects, but let’s take a little time to talk about Trevor.

Zegras was named tournament MVP on the back of his 18 point effort (7G, 11A). His ability to find the future LA Kings super-scorers was unmatched, as he danced and weaved and threaded the needle his way to the Team USA career lead in tournament points and assists (tying with Jordan Schroeder who had 7G, 20A).

In a way, gold medallist and MVP Zegras forced his way into his own “silver” conversation, as his tournament points per game (2.25 per game), and all-time assists (1.67 per game), trail only some guy named Doug Weight amongst American born players. Probably nobody notable, but even if not, that’s one heck of a place to finish.

With all these accolades, it may be easy to miss that the Anaheim Ducks are currently the only team in the NHL that has two WJC MVP’s on its roster. Ducks fans may recognize, “the GodTender” John Gibson himself, is that other spark of unadulterated excellence. There’s probably a Ricky Bobby quote to describe what he does each morning, but hey, we Ducks fans know where it’s at.

With just how good Gibson has been for the Ducks over the years, we can only salivate and hope that Trevor Zegras will be even half as good, as half as good as one of the greatest is still in the upper echelon of the league.

However, with all of this going on, it’s easy to focus on Trevor’s slick hands and passing ability, all the while forgetting that he notched the third-highest goal scoring total in Team USA WJC history. A product of the extreme blowouts that occurred in the tournament? Or a product that facilitated those extreme blowouts? Only time will tell, but for now, rest assured that not only can Holy Trevor deliver thine biscuit, but he can also deposit it in the breadbasket as well.

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