Anaheim Ducks: Getting Familiar with the Current Farm System

Henry Thrun reacts after being selected 101st overall by the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Henry Thrun reacts after being selected 101st overall by the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

It’s time for us to get a little more familiar with the Anaheim Ducks farm system.

With Corey Pronmans prospect rankings being released onto the world wide web for our enjoyment, is it really a surprise that the Anaheim Ducks ranked 21st on his list? Bob Murray has been lucky in the drafts of the past, but in Pronman’s professional opinion, the current farm system is lacking in many different areas.

Granted, Trevor Zegras is like the fine china that you want to display in a nice curio cabinet. However, the rest of the crop, they are much like my silverware drawer. They are mismatched, a little scuffed up, and while they serve a purpose, are they really the silverware you want to place on the table when family comes home for the holidays?

But, how much do we, as fans, really know about the current prospects in the Anaheim Ducks system? I’m sure every Anaheim Ducks fan can give you the lowdown on players like Trevor Zegras, Sam Steel, Max Jones, Max Comtois, and Troy Terry. Nevertheless, ask those same fans and they probably couldn’t even tell you what team Brent Gates or Henry Thrun ended their season on without either researching it or thinking really hard about who these players even are.

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While our loyalties lie to the Anaheim Ducks’ current roster, their future must also be taken into consideration. The team of today will not be the team of tomorrow. New players will rise up and take charge in Orange County and it’s time we get to know who they are.

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Under normal circumstances, September would usually be the month when Anaheim Ducks fans were allowed a small glimpse into what the future holds. Fans are usually getting hyped up for training camp, pre-season game, and the highly anticipated Rookie Tournament. With those events currently on hold, we don’t get the chance to make sense of the Anaheim Ducks future.

So, since we can’t all enjoy the Rookie Tournament and all the festivities that follow, we’re bringing the prospects to your attention. Here at Pucks of a Feather, September will be prospect month. Yes, of course, we will focus on fan favorites. However, you better start learning the names of some of the unknown players because it’s their time to show you what they’ve got and how they fit into the Ducks’ future blueprints.

Let us know in the comments below which of the Ducks prospects you’re most looking forward to learning more about! Who are you high on and who doesn’t peek your interests in the slightest?

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