Anaheim Ducks: 2019-20 Mid-Season Bold Predictions

Bold predictions: seldom do they come true, but we love to make them! With the Anaheim Ducks passing the halfway point of the season, what crazy predictions can be made about them?

The Anaheim Ducks are now 54 games into the 2019-20 season; we now know more about their habits than we did at the beginning of the year. Less than half of the season remains, but there is still a lot of incredible or disappointing moments to be had. Bold predictions about a team are seldom correct, but they are still awfully fun to make. What do we think is in store for the Ducks over the next 28 games?

Pucks of a Feather Staff Bold Predictions

Brad Senecal: The Anaheim Ducks will finish 24th overall in the standings, but will still win one of the Draft Lottery selections.

Ben Thomasian: The team will miss the postseason, but continue on as if they are winning games. With other teams throwing in the towel, they finish the season 21st in the league, and draft 10th overall. Ondrej Kase will hit 20 goals by the end of the season. Management will not make a single trade prior to the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

TJ Watson: If the Anaheim Ducks are within 4 points of the 2nd Wildcard by the end of the month, they will make the playoffs. The reason being, this team is starting to find ways to win, I’m not saying it’s pretty but hey, they haven’t stunk up the joint. They have tough games this month though but they certainly have a chance.

Jordan GermanMy boldest prediction is that the Ducks finish just short of the second wildcard by about two points. The Ducks currently have 29 games left, 13 of those are matchups between Pacific Division foes. 19 of them are against Western teams. If the Anaheim Ducks manage to actually win most of those matchups and the other clubs continue to stagger late, it is entirely possible. Ducks are only 11 points behind the 2nd WC and 12 behind 1st WC. They also have the play the Flames a lot before the end, and they’re the 2nd WC

Alan Negrete: Ducks to the playoffs confirmed!!!

Ciara Durant: Although John Gibson has been playing relatively well lately, I think he’s going to end the season with a save percentage at .900% or slightly below. The Ducks have a handful of tough games coming up, and with Gibson’s GAA (goals-against average) slowly trending upward, I think he will statistically have his worst season to date. To no fault of his own, the Ducks can’t (or won’t) play defense and that doesn’t help his case.

Secondly, Sam Steel will be the only rookie to eclipse 20 points this season. He’s on pace for a 30 point season, but I think he will fall just short with 27. I also believe Max Comtois will receive a call-up, playing 11 additional games with the Ducks, appearing in his 50th NHL game. If any other rookie gets close to the 20 point mark, it will be him, but I think he will fall just a few points short.

Lastly, it is no surprise that Evander Kane leads the league in penalty minutes. However, did you know that Erik Gudbranson is just a few PIM behind him? Only 7 penalty minutes separate the two players. Most of Guddy’s PIM have come from just 4 games, and with the Ducks upcoming schedule, I think he will have one more crazy game, racking up the penalty minutes, and eventually dethrone Kane.

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