More Needless Distractions


In an apparent attempt to distract themselves from their current dismal display, the Ducks are raising money for men’s cancer awareness by…

… wait for it …

Growing moustaches.

Yes, friends and fans, you read that right.  Georgie is spearheading this 30-day endeavor by starting from scratch (doesn’t he look cute?) and will be judging 12 teammates on their completed ‘staches.  Judging by the ages of most of the participants, all I have to say is, BRING ON THE PEACH FUZZ!

I think Brookbank has the best chance of winning this challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the Ducks are one of the most active and vocal teams in terms of supporting charities, kids, etc., but we’ve got bigger problems to deal with than growing moustaches for “Movember”. 

Yes, that’s the actual word they’re using and quite frankly, it doesn’t make me think of moustaches, men or contributing to a cause.

From the Ducks official website:

“My teammates and I are excited to join this great cause,” said Parros. “It’s a fun way to bring awareness to cancers affecting men. I look forward to seeing what kind of ‘staches our team can produce.”

Ducks teammates participating in Movember with Parros include: Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Sheldon Brookbank, Curtis McElhinney, Ryan Carter, Kyle Chipchura, Danny Syvret, Cam Fowler, Troy Bodie, Todd Marchant, Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu

In addition, Parros will serve as the presiding judge for a moustache-growing contest being hosted by Gino Reda of “That’s Hockey,” a popular daily hockey magazine show aired on Canadian sports network, TSN. In support of “Movember,” Reda will grow a moustache of his own to compete with other NHL players to see who can grow the best ‘stache in a contest ultimately decided by Parros. George will serve as a guest on “That’s Hockey” multiple times throughout November.

This is not the first time Parros has used his moustache for a good cause. Parros also uses his popular moustache as the namesake of ‘Stache Gear, his own apparel line which raises funds for the Childhood Leukemia Foundation and Teammates for Kids. All items in his apparel line include his moustache as the logo. All items from the apparel line retail exclusively in the Ducks Team Store.