Raise, Call, Fold: Anaheim Ducks 2021 Trade Deadline

Anaheim Ducks center Rickard Rakell (67) Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Anaheim Ducks center Rickard Rakell (67) Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Anaheim Ducks interim coach and general manager Bob Murray Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Bob Murray will secure another first-round pick at the 2021 Trade Deadline

Brad Senecal: Call— Going into the trade deadline GMBM definitely has an opportunity to secure another pick in the first round but I am unsure if he is willing to make the moves. While people have been critical of his reign, he rarely makes a move that is negative for him. While there are players that could warrant a late first it is unlikely that he will be parting with them.

Redan Lopez: Fold— I don’t see this happening unless Rakell is traded as he’s their only asset still in his prime peak. Seeing his good fit with the team and that he enjoys Anaheim, he’ll stay.

Ben Thomasian: Fold— I don’t really see him making any trades that would constitute getting anything valuable back. Certainly, this is a season where teams would be very likely to want to trade a first-rounder, but the value of them is very low.

There was an article over at PPP that valued this year’s draft, and it was rated as the lowest value since the 2012 draft. While there are certainly some players from that draft, it can arguably be said that it’s one of the weakest in recent memory. It’s a tough call to trade someone who has the value of a first-rounder for a pick that has very little chance of becoming anything but a role player at best.

TJ Watson: Raise— I think this season is done and he’s looking to the future at least he should be

Ciara Durant: Call— This all depends on Rickard Rakell. He is the Anaheim Ducks’ biggest bargaining chip at the moment. Bob Murray has taken calls on Rick Rak, but no one has been willing to pay the price. If a team is desperate enough to secure a piece like Rakell for a deep playoff run, that is the only way I foresee the Ducks getting another first-round pick. I have a feeling, however, that Murray might want to wait until next year to part with his best player. Nevertheless, weirder things have happened at the Trade Deadline.