Raise, Call, Fold: Anaheim Ducks 2021 Trade Deadline

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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks center Rickard Rakell (67) Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NHL Trade Deadline is officially 10 days away. As the date rapidly approaches, it is likely that phones are ringing off the hook. Several teams are looking for that final piece that will thrust them into Stanley Cup victory. There are several teams that have also opened shop and are taking calls on just about all of their players. Where the Anaheim Ducks fit in that scenario, however, is still unknown.

The Anaheim Ducks obviously won’t be buyers at the 2021 NHL Trade Deadline but it is unknown if they will be big sellers either. Their biggest bargaining chip, Rickard Rakell, is rumored to be trade bait. Nevertheless, we won’t really know how much weight those rumors hold until something does or doesn’t happen.

Anaheim also has a few other players they could use as leverage in a trade, but once again, it’s a wait and see kind of game. In preperation for the big day, however, our staff is dusting off an old game we used to play and putting their thoughts out there on a few speculative trade deadline topics. This is Raise, Call, Fold: Trade Deadline Edition!

The Rules of Raise, Call, Fold

If you are unfamiliar with how the game of Raise, Call, Fold works, let me take this moment to remind you of the rules. Each contributor will be given a list of four scenarios. For each scenario, they must answer either raise, call, or fold.

“Raise” means they agree with the following statement. If they answer “Call”, they are undecided or torn on the subject. “Fold” means they disagree. To further back up their decision, they will explain their thoughts on the statement at hand. We encourage you to play along with us.

The Pucks of a Feather staff will respond to the four following statements:

  1. Bob Murray will secure another first-round pick at the 2021 Trade Deadline.
  2. The Anaheim Ducks will have a “quiet” Trade Deadline.
  3. The Anaheim Ducks will trade Rickard Rakell.
  4. One of the young guns is on his way out.

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