Anaheim Ducks: Trading Down from the 6th Overall Pick is a Viable Option

Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Anaheim Ducks
Alex Nylander #92 of the Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Chicago Blackhawks

Unlike the previous two teams, the Chicago Blackhawks don’t have an abundance of draft picks the Anaheim Ducks could attempt to pry away. Instead, trading down to the Chicago position would be an attempt to secure a reclamation project of sorts: Alexander Nylander.

The former #8 overall pick shows flashes of silky skills, teasing at a potential that should land him amongst the leagues elite. While only shown in flashes thus far, at his best, Nylander is a smooth skater with soft mitts and a playmakers acumen. Delving back into his pre-NHL video, shows us that he may have the shot to become a goal-scoring threat alongside his ability as a facilitator.

Yet, the player himself often appears unengaged, letting defensive assignments lapse. His ability to think the game has also been questioned. It’s these negative aspects of his game, that have seen him traded once (from the Sabres) and placed into the coach’s dog house at his new location (Chicago.) It’s these flaws that open up an opportunity for the Anaheim Ducks to take a chance on him.

Almost certainly, the Ducks would have to add something to the mix to get this trade over the line. But, given their excess of wings that will be exposed to the expansion draft (and Nylander will be another), they can afford to part with such a player.

Thus the Ducks could move down 3 spots from #6 to #9 and acquire a recent top-10 selected player with an offensive touch. As with the above selections, there is a high chance that a good young prospect the Ducks like will still be available in the 9th slot. With the Sanderson hype running rampant in recent days, it becomes even more likely that a top-end forward prospect will slip into the 9th spot.

The Blackhawks on the other hand, are simply moving up to find a player that they might love. Rossi is a prolifically scoring undersized forward, yet given the success Alex DeBrincat has had, Chicago would not hesitate to consider him if available. Do they like him enough to move up to grab him? It may depend on what else the Ducks can do to sweeten the pot.

Is Kiefer Sherwood interesting enough to them? Have the Anaheim Ducks given up on Troy Terry? The Ducks have options here, and it merely remains to be seen what their team-building plan will be moving forward.