Anaheim Ducks: 6-Pack of 2018 Summer Predictions

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Anaheim Ducks

TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 05: Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Frederik Andersen (31) and Defenceman Ron Hainsey (2) defend against Anaheim Ducks Right Wing Corey Perry (10). (Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

NHL Hockey is in a bit of a dead period right now, unless you’re Alex Ovechkin. The Stanley Cup Finals are over and the Draft is 10 days away. It’s a good time to make some predictions about what happens with the Anaheim Ducks this summer.

FanSided is a multi-pronged business. There are 300+ sites covering sports, lifestyle, tv, etc. Pucks of a Feather is part of the NHL Division. I consider it part of my job to read our other hockey sites. We are an Anaheim Ducks site, but I believe it’s important to get a handle on the other teams.

Yesterday, I was perusing through and I stopped at an article at, by their site expert James Tanner; Toronto Maple Leafs: 10 Summer Predictions. I read the piece and started to think about the Anaheim Ducks.

One of the hardest parts about covering a team like Anaheim is that General Manager Bob Murray and his staff are notoriously tight-lipped. Rumors don’t come out of the Ducks Katella Avenue offices. Most of the speculation about free agents or trades you read online comes from third parties. It’s the reason why I take them with a bit of salt.

There may not be any Anaheim Ducks information leaks, but that doesn’t stop us from making a few predictions of our own. The team still has transactions to make and holes to fill. Our Pucks of a Feather staff held a brainstorming session yesterday afternoon and we are ready to make some predictions of our own.

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