Anaheim Ducks Shouldn’t Strip Ryan Getzlaf Of The Captaincy


It came to my attention a few days ago that some members of the Anaheim Ducks community believed Ryan Getzlaf no longer deserves to captain the team.

It is mistakes like this one (in the video below) that made people question Getzlaf’s abilities to lead.

For many sports fans, watching sports is a release from the real world.

But we have an unhealthy obsession with perfection that impedes our ability to truly appreciate the skills that Ryan Getzlaf exhibits on and off the ice.

That needs to stop.


The Anaheim Ducks are the only franchise Ryan Getzlaf has known since being drafted by them in 2003.

He was a key contributor to the 2007 cup winning team, forming the kid line with Perry and Penner.

Not once in his 12-year career have we seen him badmouth his teammates or coaches in front of the media.

He has been the captain since 2010-11, tying with Paul Kariya for the longest captain tenure in team history.


Even if they did follow through on this transaction, why now?

It’s in the middle of the season with the team in prime position to win the division for the fifth straight year.

There is no need to create controversy when there isn’t any.


Perhaps taking this away from Getzlaf will mean less negative attention on him.

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But this is the last thing the Anaheim Ducks have to worry about. Their job is to play and contribute to the team’s success.