Top Ten All Time Anaheim Ducks Countdown #10

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We at Pucks of a Feather thought it might be time for a top ten list

Whats the best way to start an top ten but with the best of all time to where the Anaheim crest. each day over the next two weeks we will feature a countdown to who we think the best player in Ducks history is.  This won’t be your standard list, our criteria is based on Longevity, Statistics, Team Impact, and Fan Appreciation. We could choose from combination of all four or just one, there will be players that are expected along with a few unexpected additions. Myself and Megan Brown each made our own determinations, so there will be two mentions for each placement. Some you may agree with some you my wonder what we were thinking and that’s why this is fun.

So without further ado the #10 All Time Anaheim Duck!