Hello There, Anaheim Ducks’ Fans!


Hello there, Anaheim Ducks’ fans! My name is Brianna. I am a graduate college student and die-hard Ducks fan. I started getting into hockey, as cliché as it sounds, back in the mid-1990’s when The Mighty Ducks movie trilogy was becoming huge. I wasn’t familiar with the sport because I didn’t know anyone at the time who could teach me the details and rules. With being a fan of Coach Bombay and his rags-to-riches (then rags again) story, I was inspired to start tuning in to more games. As time went on I continued to follow the Ducks’ franchise and befriended a girl in junior high whose father was a huge Ducks and Paul Kariya fan. The rest is history. My friend’s father was the guru that I was looking for and taught me about the basics of the sport and inspired me to follow the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. I know there were a lot of fans who began to follow the franchise after they won the Stanley Cup but I am not one of those people.

Wild Wing and myself- January 2014

I have followed my Ducks for about as long as the franchise has existed, considering that I was only three years old in 1993. My room, which also serves as my office, is practically a shrine to my beloved boys in orange and black. I decorated my college graduation cap with the 3rd jersey patch logo, and rhinestones of course! I rock the old Wild Wing goalie mask logo on my car. I save money specifically to go to the Honda Center. If I can’t make it to a live game due to other “priorities”, I watch the games while I do homework. Ironically, my fiancé is a huge San José Sharks fan… I know… what am I doing with him? Well folks, I told him that if he wants to still be with me, he needs to deal with my die-hard ways and understand that our house is going to have to be divided by colors. Now that’s dedication! My next step is to learn how to play the sport, which I will be doing next month! I am excited to be a part of Pucks Of A Feather and look forward to talking hockey with you guys!