Week #5: Franchise First Theme Continues


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It seems like just yesterday that this idea was an idea in my dome piece and now, we’re at our fifth week of #20thAnniversary #TriviaThursdays. Once again, here are the rules. Now, here is last week’s question, along with the answer.

Q: Who scored the franchise’s first ever playoff goal and who was the opponent?

A: Teemu Selanne and the Phoenix Coyotes.

Kind of funny, the day after I asked this question, knowing that Teemu was the answer, Teemu announced that he will return for one more final NHL season. So, I think it’s safe to say that Teemu is coming back because of me. If you guessed correctly, you were awarded 2 points. Make sure to check our facebook and twitter accounts for the updated standings, we post them every Friday. Now, onto this week’s question, sticking with the franchise first theme.

Who was the first player in the franchise’s history to be named to the NHL All-Rookie Team and when? (worth 2 points)

You have until midnight tonight to submit your answer at any of the three locations.

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