Week #4: Another Ducks Franchise First


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Well, here we are at Week #4 of our 20th Anniversary Trivia Thursdays! First off, here are the rules in case you didn’t see them yet. Next, last week’s question and the answers.

Q: Who was the first player in franchise history to be named NHL Player of the Week?

A: Guy Hebert, March 1996

Those of you who got the answer correct were awarded 1 points each and if you were able to correctly guess the month and year, you were awarded the bonus point. Make sure to check our facebook and twitter feeds for the questions and the standings Now, it’s time for this week’s question. Our first edition of Trivia Thursdays that involves a Duck first.

Who scored the franchise’s first playoff goal and who was the opponent? (Worth 2 Points)

You have until midnight tonight to submit your guess at any of the three places.

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