Anaheim Ducks 20th Anniversary Trivia Thursdays!!!



For the upcoming season, while the Anaheim Ducks celebrate their 20th anniversary, I decided that Pucks of a Feather is going to get in on the action. Every Thursday from here towards the end of the season, Pucks of a Feather is going to pose a trivia question to you guys via the site, facebook and twitter. You can respond in a comment on the site, a comment on the facebook page, or a reply on twitter because the question will be posted to all three places. You have until midnight to answer the question and you have only 1 chance. If you respond a second time on any of the three sources, IT WILL BE DELETED. If you answer correctly, you earn 1 point. However, some questions will ask you to come up with more than one part to the answer. For those questions, you will need to get all parts of the question correct to receive ANY points. Also, those questions will be worth as many points as there are parts to the answer.

So, here are examples to explain the point system.

Who did the Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to?

Ottawa Senators. (Worth 1 point)

Who did the Anaheim Ducks trade Bobby Ryan to and what number will he wear in Ottawa?

Ottawa Senators and #6. (Worth 2 points)

Ottawa Senators and #9. (Worth 0 points)

Who did the Anaheim Ducks get in return for trading Bobby Ryan to the Ottawa Senators?

Jakob Silfverberg, Stefan Noesen and a 2014 1st round draft pick. (Worth 3 points)

Simple enough right?

Yes. CORRECT. 1 point.

Ok, the question each Thursday will be posed three times on facebook and twitter, with three statuses and tweets. There will also be one blog post posing the question here on the site. The answer to the question will be revealed the next day on both facebook and twitter. The answer will also be given the following Thursday in the same post that the next trivia question is asked.


Name both the head coach and the captain of the inaugural 1993-94 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. (worth 2 points)

You have until midnight tonight to submit your guess at any of the three places.

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