Don’t Forget, Anaheim Ducks Have a Banner to Hang Up This Year!


via Daralee’s Web World on flickr

Just a short little post here. I think we can all say that the ending to the Anaheim Ducks’ season was pretty upsetting for all Ducks fans. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, there was some cleaning up to do after the game ended because a couple certain items were “broken” somehow when the game ended. I slightly remember seeing these “items” flying across the room, but don’t quite remember how or why they were “moving” through the air at a speed that would ultimately end in their destruction. What I’m trying to say is, I was pissed off.

It is important to remember, however disappointing the playoffs were, that the regular season was something to behold. It was special and fun to watch. The Ducks won the Pacific Division for just the second time in franchise history, the first occurrence was in 2006-07, which was a pretty special season. you know what that means! We do have a banner to raise this upcoming season. So, opening night at Honda Center will be a special occasion as they raise the banner for the 2012-2013 Pacific Division champion Anaheim Ducks. However, the banner should really only say 2013 Pacific Division champions, damn lockout. Anyway, on that night, the Ducks will also begin their 20th anniversary celebration. As well as play host to the New York Rangers who make a rare appearance to Honda Center. So, we’ll get to see one of the greatest goaltenders in the world, Martin Biron and his god-like blue eyes. Did I really just type that? Yeah, get over it. I know I’m straight, but come on! Have you seen his eyes? Goddamn.

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