Lupul’s Back, Sexton to Syracuse & Another Loss!


The return of Loopy was tempered against a loss to the Coyotes and the annoyance of having to send Sexy back to Syracuse AGAIN in order to make room on the roster for Joffrey.

The Ducks dropped their second scoreless game in a row at home and have dropped back to 4th in the Pacific Division with only 29 points.  This may not sound like the end of the known universe, but take into account that we’ve played more games than everyone except for the Blackhawks (32 pts) and the Rangers (33 pts) – this could spell some very bad news.

Of their play yesterday, everyone expressed disappointment and borderline disgust.  If you look at the skill-sets of the players, the formation of the lines (esp. R.P.G.), our special units, we should be dominating.  Instead we’re floundering around like a three-year-old kid who just got thrown into the deep end of the pool without waterwings.

Tomorrow we face the Oilers (24 pts) and if we can’t beat them, we’ve got real trouble.

In terms of Lupul, it’s great to see the guy back on home ice after an absence of nearly a year after what was supposed to be a fairly routine surgery to repair a herniated disc that turned into two terrifying blood infections and speculation that he might never play again.

Fortunately, all is well and as Loops himself said, I definitely don’t want a back injury as the point that defines my career. Hopefully, 10 years from now, it’s just an afterthought.”