Big Bob Blasts Bryzgalov! – & – Ducks Pound Pups!


At the 9:03 mark in the second, the announcer jokingly called Bobby’s first goal a “shot at the goal” not “on goal”.

With 5:48 remaining in the second, Bobby nabs the puck on a shorthanded breakaway and Bryszy has absolutely no chance.

Then in the third, just as the announcers are saying things like “there’s still a lot of hockey to be played” and “how do the Ducks protect this two goal lead?”, Bobby beats Jovanosky and nets his second career hat trick.

Alas, not at home, so no lids littering the ice.

But it’s a win after six straight losses, so we’ll take what we can get.

Our R.P.G. line (total weight approximately 645lbs, average height 6’2”) finally started producing again, mainly due to Getzlaf breaking out of his funk and tallying four assists.

Cam Fowler continues to impress with his superior passing ability and the patience of a saint.

Dan Sexton is still wearing the Squirts cage and in case you were wondering if his nose looked a bit crooked, the announcers said he had recently slept on it wrong and re-bent it slightly.  When asked if he would go back to the hospital to get it fixed, Big Sexy responded with a resounding “No Way!”

Once again, the Ducks did not do themselves any favours in the penalty department, committing four in the second period alone.  The Getzlaf interference call in the third was a complete insult.  Even the announcers not only confirmed that the ‘Yote took an obvious dive and he was an embarrassment to not only his team but to all of hockey.

In other news, Joffrey Lupul is finally healthy enough to play and will be with the Crunch for a couple more games.  Once his reconditioning assignment is finished, the Ducks will have to deal him, keep him or request a rehab extension.  This really breaks my heart because what should have been a routine surgery and minimal recovery time has turned into an absolute nightmare for the guy.

Tonight we face the Kings who most recently lost to the Blackhawks (2-1) and the Habs (4-1) and everyone’s eagerly anticipating a rematch between Parros and Westgarth.