Giving Hockey Thanks

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3. The great people I’ve gotten to know (Hi Frank, Geno and Tim! To name just a few).

4. Knowing that even during the most serious moments of a game, random laughter may ensue.

5. Don Cherry’s endless supply of eyewateringly gawdawful suits.

6. The “I painted my face. You know, to support the team,” episode of “Seinfeld”.

7. The “Stanely’s Cup” episode of South Park.

8. “Slap Shot”

9. Announcers quoting “Slap Shot”.

10. The “teenies” during first intermission!

11. Cam “eyes in the back of his head” Fowler.

12. George Parros breakaway goals.

13. The Center Ice channel (13 games on Saturdays! Woohoo!)

14. Getting an entire section to boo little ol’ me at Staples Center during a Ducks/Kings game.

15. “Darth” Hiller.

16. The fact that the Ducks aren’t the Devils.

17. All the Scott Niedermayer love even though he was a Devil (oh, and the fact that he wasn’t shy about throwing that elbow around when necessary).

18. Attending the draft and seeing the Cup.

19. Attending training camp and yelling “HI GEORGIE!” like a demented fool.

20. The fact that just the idea of a team based on a cheezie Disney movie exists is enough to infuriate a large number of hockey fans!

21. The Winter Classic because it allows me to avoid tiresome New Year’s Eve parties and see Jim Cantore being silly and hear the blimp announcer say things like “I was supposed to be giving a live play-by-play, but a cloud got in the way.”

22. When a chick asks a player what the “five hole” is, he blushes.

23. The fact that you can’t say “hockey” without smiling.