Feelin’ Just Ducky


"“Good evening, my name is Teemu Selanne and I am pleased to be here in Dallas to serve you fine folks up a big ol’ Texas sized portion of whup ass!”"

Having been out of the loop for four straight games has actually been beneficial instead of detrimental.  I’ve watched all the games I missed and DVRed back to back to back to back and two wonderful things happened: 1) I was able to fast forward thorough all the commercials and 2) player patterns coalesced much more easily.

Players and coaches go back and forth analyzing game play to spot weaknesses, etc. (heck, I even think most teams now have a person whose title is “video coach”), but most of us fans who barely have enough time to watch an entire game on a weekday evening aren’t inclined to indulge ourselves later on in said analysis.

After watching four games in a row, I think I’m going to have to figure out a way to invent time because without the distraction of commercials and period breaks, patterns, set-ups and formations become ever so much clearer.

Especially fun to watch are Cam Fowler’s end-run sneak attacks, Teemu Selanne’s catch-me-if-you-can blitzes, Bobby Ryan bracing himself and allowing an enemy to simply bounce off his shoulder and losing count of how many players Luca Sbisa pastes to the boards.

Ah, then there are the glorious R.P.G. pinball set-ups and has anyone noticed that Saku Koivu is beginning to become a bit of a Pest?  Good thing the ice microphones were off during the Islanders game, otherwise all the parents would have had to clap their hands over their tykes sensitive ears.  You could clearly see some very naughty words were flying out of the bad man’s mouth. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a clip, but here’s Koivu’s goal.

Recently, the Ducks have begun to show some muscle and despite their last loss to the ‘Hawks, the boys should be pretty amped up for this Dallas game.  They were draggin’ out of town, but nothing a hot shower and good night’s sleep can’t cure.  We’re at .571 (I believe) and about 7th in the West.  Not fantastic, but not horrible either. 

I look at it this way, things could definitely be worse…we could be the Devils!

Completely unrelated, but did anyone see the wackiness that ensued during the Kings/Sharks game?  What the heck was up with that!?!?!?!