The Quack Attack Is Back


So, the Ducks start winning like crazy as soon as I leave for Florida and then lose to the ‘Hawks as soon as my butt hits the Virgin America seat.

WTF, man!?

I’m never going to hear the end of this one.  Can’t wait for the “hey Sue, maybe this April you should travel to Gdansk – that should guarantee a post season appearance for sure!”

Last week, on the night we beat the Islanders one nil, I was fortunate enough to attend my first Panthers game in Sunrise, Florida with the inestimable Frank and his family.  In honour of one of the most beloved Ducks of all time, I wore my Jiggy sweater and was pleasantly surprised by the respect I received from both kitty and Leafs fans alike.  The biggest surprise was the presence of so many Sens fans, but that’s for another story.

Right now I’ve got some catchin’ up and splainin’ to do!

This morning, Troy Bodie (who hasn’t played in about a month) was put on waivers – which is the fancy way of saying they set him on the kerb with a sign around his neck reading “free to a good home”.

Hiller got walloped a good one during practice before the ‘Hawks game and required four sutures.  No word on which teammate executed the shot, but whoever it was he needs to do that to either Kari Lehtonen or Andrew Raycroft tomorrow!  Jojo should be good to start in net Tuesday and probably McIlhinney the next game against the Wild.  (Note: depending on what site you visit for the facts, Hiller was struck in the center of his forehead, above the left eye, below the left eye and he may or may not have played in the Blackhawks game.)

Matt Beleskey and Dan Sexton were recently reassigned to the Syracuse Crunch.  While popular players, neither have performed up to expectations and therefore have been relegated to once again having to re-prove themselves.  Which is a massive bummer considering all the Sexton sweaters you’ll see at any given game.

Moving on.  Cam Fowler.  Oh, what the heck, I don’t need to write about Cam Fowler.  He’s the second coming, the golden goose, the fish that didn’t get away, a force to be reckoned with and the Niedermayer prodigy.  Yeah, he was out for a suspiciously long time with that broken nose, but with a little toughening up and a few boxing lessons he’s going to be A-OK.

Todd Marchant is still out with a mystery “upper body” injury and is listed as day to day.  At this rate we’re going to look like the New Jersey Devils with a 15-man bench.

When the 35 year old defenseman Andreas Lilja was signed, many were skeptical, but all the doubting Thomases have been proven wrong.  Once again, the Ducks have selected a player with that cool, calm on the ice matched with wisdom in the locker room that the kids respect and respond to.  In a recent OC Register article, writer Eric Stephens wrote that Lilja takes blocked shots better than complements and that he’s glad to be such a big part of the penalty kill (something the Ducks need!!!)  Of his style of play, Lilja was quoted in true hockey fashion: “If I have to sacrifice my right arm to win a game, I’ll do that.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

And now for the “Well Duh!” sentence: The NHL announced the voting ballot for the All-Star game and Ducks forwards Teemu Selanne, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan are among the 100 selected.

And what would a Ducks post be without a Parros fight? (this is a rare one folks, what’s the dude missing?)