Where the Quack is Sue?


No posts since November 5. In her absence, the Ducks have gone 4-0 with wins over Pittsburgh, Nashville, San Jose and some guys called the New York Islanders (who?). Now, there’s a rumor that I’ll be starting right now that she has left California to visit a neighboring country, the USA.  She’s apparently lost her mind, and decided it would be fun to go the Sunshine State, and check out a Panthers/Leafs game. Crazy, I know! Rather than watching McElhinney pitch a 1-0 shutout, click here to see what she attended. Ugh, brutal.

Sue should be back any day now, and hopefully she fills us in on where she really what, what she really did, and why she decided to miss an OT win over Jumbo Joe and his minnows. Hiller didn’t stand on his head, for that would have made him dizzy, and probably ineffective, but he did stop 21 of 22 shots in the third period.  That was good enough to take the game into an extra session, where Visnovsky ended things on a shot from the point through a screen.

The night before, the Ducks made Crosby cry in his hotel room after the game. Sure he had two goals, and sure the Pens had more shots (32-19), but his team suffered the loss, and some public humiliation. Deryk Engelland (whose parents can’t spell, according to Sue) suffered a one hitter quitter from a mustache-less Parros. Later, Crosby felt tough after tossing around little Matt Niskanen a few days ago, and he decided to go after Getzlaf.  After shoving him from behind and trying to not pee his pants, all Crosby  got was an Anaheim bench full of laughter. Face of the leage? Ha!

Anyway, the Ducks look like they are finally coming around after an awfult start to the season. They’ve gotten out of the cellar and are holding a playoff spot. With just 65 days left, let’s see if they can hang on!

Thanks for reading, especially since I’m a Flyers fan!

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