If Only Every Game Could Be Like This One!


Lesson learned – Tivo/DVR every freaking game, if you don’t, you might miss history.

In front of 13,000 waterfowl faithful wherein the Finnish Flash racked up yet another goal (**yawn**, this is beginning to get repetitive, let’s just say he’s going to the Hall of Fame, shall we?), Bobby Ryan proved that he too can make a spinaroo backhanded pass to Kyle Palmieri who made his first ever NHL Goal and Ryan Getzlaf potted the OT game winner…what gets better or more exciting than that?

Cam Fowler returned and is becoming a pretty serious pick pocket artist.  You’ll be watching the game, see his D line and wonder, where the heck is Fowler?  Then, suddenly, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, the kid appears, races in behind the net and poaches the puck from a baffled Bolt.

Fortunately, little Cam stayed out harm’s way and he, Nick Bonino and Palmieri are (hopefully) ready to take on the Penguins tonight.  The fact that they defeated the Lightning has to have their confidence jacked up to the same level as…hmmm…the smile Palmieri went to sleep wearing following the game.

When Palmieri scored, the Ponda went absolute berzerko and I think the kid kinduv went into shock.  On the bench, his teammates jostled him and joked with him and I swear I saw him say “I know! I can’t believe it!”  A little later, someone skated by and bonked him on the noggin with their stick, but I think he was still so numb that he didn’t even notice.

Quote of the game: (Announcer) “I know in my heart of hearts someone picked up that puck for [Palmeiri].”

The Pengies and the Ducks have very similar records, the Pens only have one more win under their belts, so the game should be pretty evenly matched.  In terms of dustups, will we see an Eric Godard vs. George Parros?  I certainly hope so, considering the last good fight between the two big boys was back when Godard was a Flamer.

But how do we solve the problem that is Crosby?  Have Brookbank and Voros lunge at Cindy and he’ll crap his pants.