What’s That Awful Smell? Oh! It’s Remnants Of Newark!


Yes, the stink follows them around wherever they go.

If you think of the Ducks as being in the cellar, then the New Jersey Devils are UNDER the cellar.

Tonight I will be glued to the telly with plenty of drinkage and snacky-snacks arrayed before me.  When I was contemplating what to dine upon, I thought it would be mildly entertaining to discover what Jersey denizens shovel into their broken-toothed maws, so I Googled: “what do people in newark eat?”  Here’s the third entry that popped up:

New York City, Newark and American Airlines Can Eat My S**t

Nice, yeah?

Then I remembered that there’s a pretty big  Portuguese presence, so I checked Wikipedia and discovered this nauseating abomination of a dish.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll just go with a grinder from the nearest Italian deli…

As it stands, the swamp goombahs have played 10 games; have only two wins and a measly five points.  As the Sharks shredded the Devils on Wednesday, I’m hoping for a good, old fashioned home town beat down tonight.

Sports book sites are predicting anything from a 3-0 to 6-2 final score in favour of the quack attack and none are even getting close to saying the Devils have a chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks of winning.

The Ducks have regrouped nicely and the truly odd line of Selanne-Ryan-Koivu obviously clicked during the recent win over the Stars.

Of course, overconfidence has killed us before, so the boys have to stay consistent and really protect the net.

With Matt Beleskey out with a concussion, Aaron Voros will most likely be on the line with Getzlaf and Perry tonight.  Cam Fowler might be back in the lineup, but they’ve been predicting that for over a week, so I’m not holding my breath.  Dan Sexton just had his nose stapled back to his face yesterday and will be out a couple of weeks.

In a story featured on Bleacher Report about the top 15 fighters, good ol’ Georgie was selected #1 and compared to Stu “The Grim Reaper” Grimson. 

A snippet of Ducks history: October 23, 2005 – Rob and Scott Niedermayer combine on a goal for the first time in their NHL careers.  Rob scores on a power play to give the Ducks a 5-3 win over the visiting Phoenix Coyotes.  Thus eliciting the coolest call ever: “Niedermayer passes to Niedermayer, back to Niedermayer…and Niedermayer SCOOOOOORES!!!”