Ducks 5, Stars 2


On ice that could have easily been described as ‘New York snow” and in front of what looked like about twenty people, the Ducks finally shed their lethargy and got their skates moving.

The official attendance count stated that American Airlines Center was nearly 70% full, but from the camera angles it looked like the place was practically deserted.  There was absolutely no one behind the Ducks penalty box, one guy behind our bench was wearing (of all things) a Penguins jersey and did anyone watching last night see the weirdo in the pink suit behind Hiller slamming the glass for the entire game?  What was up with that?

Just as I was sitting down to dinner and donning my Ducks sweater during the First period, Loui Eriksson scored on a Paul Mara (tripping) penalty play.

My cottage pie no longer appeared appetizing. My tasty beverage appeared to be laced with lye as I thought “oh no, not again” – again.

But I choked back the tears, put on a brave face and Anaheim rewarded me by coming through by keeping their wits about them (and their fists in their gloves) by thwarting the Stars for the remainder of the period.

Then, less than 30 ticks into the Second, to my utter and raucous glee, while the announcers were chattering about banalities, Big Bobby Ryan tipped one in to begin the rally.

Half way through the period Ryan scored again and about a minute later a thing nearly as rare as a Roc’s teeth happened.  George Parros became Mr. 14 on a no-assist breakaway wrister and the Stars’ netminder’s cartwheel save attempt made Georgie’s goal all the sweeter.

In the Third period, both Corey Perry and Teemu Selanne scored.  For those of you keeping tabs, that means Selanne is now Mr. 611 and has now surpassed Bobby Hull.

Of his first goal, Bobby said, “It got us started, it’s a morale boost. You’re sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself, that kind of turns the tide.”

On the humorous side, Mara accidentally smacked Jonas Hillers mask clean off his noggin.  Jojo flopped backwards, but wasn’t hurt and was seen shaking his head and laughing as he cleaned the snow off his cage.

And now, more Weird Al antics!

Apologies to “Happy Days Are Here Again” and J. Yellen & M. Ager

So long scoreless times,

Go long, bad fight times,

We are rid of you at last!

Howdy fey times!

Slushy gray times –

You are now a thing of the past.

Scoring days are here again!

The twine behind is clear again!

So let’s sing a song of cheer again;

Scoring days are here again!

Altogether shout it now!

There’s no one

Who can doubt it now!

So let’s tell the NHL about it now,

Scoring days are here again!

New Jersey Devils,

Your cares and troubles have just begun.

There’ll be absolutely no escaping from

The damage our R.P.G. line will have done.

Scoring days are here again,

The ice below is glass again,

So, let’s sing a song of cheer again –