K. I. S. S.


Deep in the bowels of the Honda Center, adhered just above Brendan Mikkelson’s locker is a sign. A simple sign, without flourishes or flashing lights, but an important sign nonetheless.

Writ large in white letters, the sign reads:

“Maintain a positive attitude. Expect a lot of yourself and only accept your best. Don’t sulk or point fingers. Stay positive when things get tough.”

…methinks the team has been ignoring this sign for far too long.

Or maybe the sign should simply be:

K. I. S. S.


Ask any goaltender and they’ll tell you that ‘overthinking’ is the bane of their existence. They can’t account for all the stops they’ve ever made, but they can recite a bible’s-worth of info on the ones that got away. But hey, brother, it all comes down to something basic it actually is idiot proof. Stop the puck by whatever means possible.

Tonight’s game against the Dallas Stars is most likely going to showcase some awkward skating and weird puck bounces due to unusually high humidity in the city, which basically means the guys will be skating on a big Slushee.

Will Sexton and Fowler be back? Dunno. Game’s only hours away and no one’s said ‘boo’.

When it came time to ask someone about the game, the only player interviewed was Todd Marchant. Uhm…so where were Getzlaf or Selanne or Ryan? Not that I’m ragging Marchy, but that’s kinduv an odd choice.

Todd didn’t say anything we haven’t heard a billion times before, but if you’re interested, the interview’s on the Ducks’ site here.


Our three biggest problems are injuries, lines constantly being shuffled and Ryan Getzlaf.

Yes, I said it. Getzlaf is a problem. I never liked the idea of his being named Captain and unless he starts acting like one and actually leading, I’m going to continue to express my ire.

Update 11am Pacific Time: Sexton is out for at least a week or two. Carlyle described Sexton’s nose as having been ‘mushed’ and surgery will have to be performed.

Crap. Would somebody please just throw Scotty back on the ice!?