Anaheim, We Have A Problem


The R.P.G. Line waiting for Coach Caryle to leave the building

Cam Fowler is out with a busted nose and neck pain that won’t go away.

Dan Sexton is also out with a broken nose he suffered when he took a puck to the face on Saturday.

Coach Caryle wouldn’t classify the Sunday practice a “bag skate”, but it sure sounded like some of the kids got called to the Principals office.

After their regular 45 minute practice, everyone except the youngsters and the R.P.G. line were asked to stay for an additional 15 minute skate.

Fingers aren’t being pointed yet, but the Ducks are admitting to their mistakes, which is fine, but what needs to happen is action, not yappin’.

I know the guys feel like poo right now, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts he’s losing more sleep than any of the players.

Discombobulated is the best word I can use to describe how the waterfowl look on the ice right now.  In consecutive games, there have been multiple moments where they looked like they were trying to kill a power play, but there was no penalty.

Ladies, the fire’s almost out and the embers are gonna die if you don’t do something ballsy, drastic and aggressive.

Once again, the only bright spot was Teemu Selanne inching ever closer to unfathomable fame as he potted Number Six Hundred Ten, 8:32 into the third period.