Too Many Cheesesteaks In The Bellies Of These Beasts


Ducks 3 – Flyers 2

And now, a Philadelphia fan’s take on the game:

Grey Dawn

All the hackneyed stereotypical words and phrases emerged following last night’s game. Grit, fortitude, determination, dedication, grind it out, they found a way to win, and he gave his team a chance.

The word I want to trot out is Moxie, which has the perfect definitions: 1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. 2. Aggressive energy; initiative. 3. Skill; know-how.

Even with Cam Fowler out for a second game (dude, it’s just a broken nose, get over it!), the Ducks defense managed to pull together better than ever before backstopped by – surprise surprise – Curtis McElhinney, who faced 42 shots and was obviously essential to the win.

Of McElhinney’s performance, Captain Ryan Getzlaf said “…He did a great job controlling the game. He stopped everything he could see. And he was able to absorb a lot of it. That slows the game down for us. It was big.”

Speaking of Getzy, didja see his scramble-jammer goal in the third? From the initial camera angle, you couldn’t see anything, but the immediate celebration told us everything. Even announcer, Johnny Ahlers, shouted “Getzlaf thinks he scored!” The goal went under review and you could practically hear the Flyers fans praying “please no goal, please no goal, please no goal…” The overhead replay clearly showed the puck piddling under goalie Sergei Bobrovsky and when the official call finally came, I started yelling “It’s in! It’s in! It’s in!”

…hmmm, I wonder what my neighbors think I’m up to…

Overall, the game was a bit of a ‘ho hum’ affair. Even the George Parros vs. Jody Shelley fight was pretty lame and the linesmen obviously realized that and broke it up early.

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In other happy news, the Ducks have finally started producing fun commercials! The first features the ever articulate George Parros getting ready for the game in a very cramped launderette populated by Ducks staffers: