This Is Becoming A Bad Habit & “A Nightmare On Broad St.”


Okay, maybe it’s not as embarrassing as losing to, say, the Panthers, but it’s still pretty lame.  Adam Brady of the Ducks organization is calling this trip our “Road to Redemption” and boy did he hit that nail on the head.  Last night, with Cam Fowler a late no-show, our lines were just about as screwy as could be and it showed.

The only two bright spots in the game were watching Dan Sexton blasting around the ice like he owned the blue barn and Teemu Selanne surpassing Dino Ciccarelli and becoming #16 on the career goal list.

By the way, what was up with the lame attendance (9,000 and change) and the fans booing their own team…while they were winning…????

Hopefully Fowler will be back in the lineup and the old hats we’ve acquired will be able to calm the D down and concentrate on the job at hand.  STOP THE DARN PUCK!!!

We also have to take a good, long, hard look at our primary netminder.  Hiller has been improving, but at a fast enough rate?  He made a couple of spectacular glove saves yesterday, but a couple of saves maketh not a game.  Darth Hiller needs to start seriously channeling the Dark Side.  He needs to ramp up his aggressiveness and start challenging attackers.  Pretty much everyone has figured out that his down-on-the-ice Butterfly Style is no match for the oppositions’ top-shelf Ice Benders.

Our R.P.G. line is running a little too inconsistently and Getzy needs to step up his leadership skills.  As Scotty used to display, the best way to lead is by example.  SO SCORE SOME DARN GOALS!!!

(In case you are wondering, I am practicing for attending a game in person.  I don’t like dropping a bunch of “F” bombs in front of little children.)

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Children of All Ages! Now for the Main Event!

There’s no denying that there’s absolutely no love lost between the Ducks and Flyers.  The fans tend to be fairly dismissive when asked about the others, but get both teams on the ice and – as the movie said – “IT’S ON!”

Tonight should have an interesting look.  I’ve just been informed that it is “Cancer Awareness Night” and everyone is being encouraged to wear … wait for it … lavender.  Not pink, not white, lavender.  Ooh, I think Prongs would look just smashing in a lavender ascot with lavender laces and lavender stick tape.  **snigger, snigger**

Okay, back to business.

Neither team has exactly been burning up the scoreboards, which means both will be hungry for a win.  My esteemed colleague posted a quaint little write up here about the match up.

With the big bruisers on both teams, I think the game will go one of too ways.  Either the coaches have instructed the players to calm down and bring out some “old time hockey” or they’ve said nothing which translates to “wale away”.

When I asked our Flyers writer what fights he’d like to see, he responded thusly: “shelley vs parros; carcillo vs anyone; richards vs ryan; I want all out brawls all over the place tonight.”

For other previews you may visit the Ducks or the Flyers sites.  In the meantime, I intend to amuse my readers with more poetry abuse and extend my sincere apologies to Rudyard Kipling:

If you’re off to Philadelphia in the evening,

You mustn’t take my stories for a guide.

There’s little left, indeed, of the team you will read of,

As all the members I write about will die.

Now few will understand if you mention Dornhoeffer,

Or remember what his cunning and his skill did;

And the cabmen at the kerb do not know Ed Snider,

Nor the Barn in Philadelphia he built.

If you’re off to Philadelphia this evening,

You mustn’t go by anything I’ve said.

Bobby Clarke’s stick has been laid aside for ages,

But The Cup will still give you chills instead.

“The Rifle” won’t be seen on Broad Street

Or at points adjacent–no matter when you call;

And I fear you’ll search in vain for Rick MacLeish down the lane

Where “The Sultan of Slot” played ‘street’ with a ball.

If you’re off to Philadelphia this evening,

And wish to prove the truth of what I say,

I pledge my word you’ll find the pleasant ice abandoned

Fled from as Parros attacked his prey.

Still, the hotdogs scent the causeway; still the trainer has to stay;

Still the Flyers hearts are blazing;

Still the Zamboni through the ice flings her soul-compelling musk;

Still the fans’ cries in the stands make night amazing!

They are there, there, there with Earth immortal

( Citizens, I give you friendly warning )

The things that truly last when men and times have passed,

They are all in Pennsylvania this evening!