Ducks vs. Boob Jackets


Despite my post yesterday about the Ducks third jerseys, I have it on good authority that the following are the actual new outfits:

Today in Southern California is a proper hockey day.  Overcast with – what Brits or Scots would classify as ‘a fine, soft rain’ – which means the crows are quiet and the cats are in hiding.  Now all I need is a roaring fire and Smores fixins.

Oh, and hockey on the telly, of course!

It’ll be interesting to see how Cam Fowler performs tonight…provided he plays.  The team’s keeping us on tenterhooks wondering if he will be okay.  Broken nose, facial bruising, stiff neck and most likely a few other aches and pains that might slow him down.  Of the incident, Fowler said “It’s partly my fault. I was just trying to take it to the net and create something for my team. My eyes kind of started to get big and thought maybe I might have a good chance at scoring another one.”

Just a case of a kid’s eyes being bigger than the net.  Although, if you watch the play in slow motion, the puck misses crossing the line by a hair’s breadth.

There are generally two reactions when a player get’s his cherry busted – either play a little too cautiously or just go for it with your head up.  I’m hoping Cam steps up and has come to grips with the fact that this is just one in a million injuries he is going to sustain.  Either that or a lot of Vicodan.

If our R.P.G. power line keeps up, we should have this one in the bag.  Two big factors: 1) what’s up with the low production of Selanne/Koivu, and 2) if Fowler doesn’t play, does that mean Dan Sexton will be paired with Danny Syvret?  Worrisome, to say the least.

Tonight’s watch party will be hosted by Danny K’s at 1096 N. Main Street and the Street Team will be in attendance (as de rigueur), handing out free goodies and cheering louder than that really big dude at the bar with three steins of bier.