P’raps We Won’t Be Clad in Poo & News ‘n’ Notes


The seller(s) got some ‘splainin’ to do!  Do a Google search of “ducks third jersey 2010” and lots of leaks will appear, all sporting the following images:

I can’t wait to see if anyone turns up at the next home game before November 26th (the official unveiling date) sporting a customized third jersey with the number double zero and “OOPS!” on the back.

I like the colourscheme and the dramatic orange cuffs, but the “D” is a bit oppressive, doncha think?

But then again, anything is better than the green jerseys sporting a rampant Wild Wing.

Thanks to Reebok, Puck Daddy, Fans Edge, Icethetics and the multitude of really impatient people!

In Other News:

Shane Doan got away with busting Cam Fowler’s nose, but not for hammering little Danny Sexton.  Doan was suspended three games with what was judged after the game to be an illegal blindside hit.  To Big Sexy’s credit, he took it in stride and didn’t miss a shift.

Leave it to Shame Doan to pull a nasty hit on our smallest guy.

Cam Fowler’s injury isn’t considered serious, no concussion and he will be joining the team on their trip to take on the Blue Jackets.

Danny Syvret was recalled from the Syracuse Crunch as Brendan Mikkelson was claimed on waivers by the Flames.

The Ducks and The RINKS have partnered with USC ice hockey, which will give USC a lot of exposure via multiple Ducks outlets as well as at the Honda Center.  The full release can be read here.

Our big line finally has an official nickname: R.P.G.  Pretty cool, except it conjures up images of “Blackhawk Down” for some reason…

Oh, and Parros’ booger flick.  Funny or juvenile or p’raps both?