Oh Goodie…Not Again!


Ducks lead the league in penalty minutes and the season is barely 15 minutes old!

Every canard is spouting the same mantra, frustration, frustration, frustration.

Okay, fine, you guys are frustrated, but that doesn’t mean you start beating lunch money out of everyone in sight!

Let’s look at the games.

Uhm, well, let’s not.  I don’t think we need to relive that kind of pain.

Hey, for all you nostalgia junkies, go watch the highlight reels of the Maple Leafs’ games – especially their first match where Jiggy made something like five saves in ten seconds.

Problems, we got problems…

Our big Swede won’t be available to play for at least a couple days while his Visa crap gets cleared up.

Getzlaf is not settling in to his leadership role as hoped.  I told everyone it should have been Selanne!

Bobby, the puck has to actually be on your stick before you can pass it.

Cam Fowler’s play has not been decisive.  What happened to all that confidence we saw preseason?  Is he scared already?

How many players can you fit into a penalty box?  Apparently all of them.  At one point we had an entire line in there – Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan.

So now we come to Holey the Goalies. **sigh**  I’ve been ranting since the end of last season that we needed to recruit a top-flight goaltender.  We should have drafted Corbiel who was with the Mooseheads and his talent has been compared with that of a young Jiggy.  Today it was announced that the Ducks signed Russian netminder Igor Bobkov to an entry level deal.  Will he be a bandaid or panacea?  Only time will tell.

The Ducks have done this before and rebounded by mid November, but friends and neighbors, this is a bad one.  To say they need to refocus is an understatement of epic proportions.  Let’s see what happens when they return to home ice.  Hopefully they will find their focus and start playing smart.