Addition Of Yet Another Daunting Defenseman & Latest Turd Jersey Rumours


If you can’t beat em, sign em!

The Ducks have signed veteran defenseman Andreas Lilja who was recently released from a tryout contract by the San Jose Sharks.

Originally drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in 2000, Lilja also played for the Panthers and his longest stint was with the Detroit Red Wings, including being part of the team when they won the Cup in 2008.

Earlier this month, Lilja had travelled to Stockholm with the Sharks when word came that his visa would run out within days if he didn’t secure a new contract with an NHL team. Fortunately for him, the Ducks (who believe you can never have too much defense) signed him for a year, hoping there are no lingering effects from previous injuries.

Lilja missed most of last season after suffering a knee injury and a concussion after a fight with Nashville’s Shea Weber.  At the time Lilja said the concussion wasn’t serious and he thought he’d only miss a couple of games.  About the fight, he said “He knocked me out, I hate to admit it. I just remember the first two punches and the rest of it I saw on TV afterward. I realized I probably got a concussion.”

Career-wise, Lilja totaled 15 goals, 74 points and 501 penalty minutes with a plus-39 rating in 478 games. He has 1 goal, 3 points and 52 penalty minutes in 53 postseason games.  And in typical Ducks fashion, he’s no featherweight, clocking in at 6’3”, 220lbs, which means he should fit right in with the rest of our big boys.

Third Jersey Leaked Rumour

According to a story on Icethetics, the Ducks Third jersey “…will be black with the standalone “D” logo front and center on the chest…The sleeve striping will be similar to that of the black jersey but with orange cuffs.”  Additionally, the original duck mask logo will appear as a shoulder patch.  You can read the full story here

I now actually have some hope!  There is no way our thirds could possibly be as lame as the “Burger King” things Los Angeles unveiled the other night.  Yuk!