There May Be Feathers In Common, But Animosity Clearly Abounds


For those of you who may have forgotten what happens when the Ducks take on the Red Wings, I present a fitting reminder video courtesy of

The game at the Ponda was a sellout and the fans went absolutely berserk.  One announcer declared that the Honda Center had been turned into a convertible because the roof had been blown off.

Hard, focused play on May 12, 2009, by the usual suspects (Niedermayer, Ryan, Getzlaf, Perry, Hiller) won the day and forced a game 7.

At the end of their 2-1 loss, the Red Wings were disgruntled (to say the least), but the Ducks decided to add injury to insult (I know it’s backwards, I did that on purpose) and put on their own little post game show.

With only seconds left, Hiller makes a great save on a Pavel Datsyuk shot.  Datsyuk thinks the puck went in, throw his arms up in victory.  The horn sounds, Getzlaf and Niedermayer take offence and we’re off to the races.

Everyone gets into the mix.  All the guys on both benches just want to tear out there and have a Hansons style brawl (all good boys, they sit tight).

Getzy goes after Hossa, Marchant gets tied up by two Wings and linesmen, so he doesn’t get to have much fun, but Perry takes out Ravalski and pins him for a three-count.

Datsyuk goes for Scotty who answers with a big elbow to the skull and the ensuing punch-up gets broken up by everyone.