“Darth Hiller” – Coolest Goalie Mask To Date? You Decide


The matte black paint job, the shiny golden cage, the subtle “D” logo on the forehead and the “Jason” graphic on the throat protector add up to the baddest goalie mask so far this year.

The prototype mask dubbed the “Tornado Hiller Edition EVO I [Evolution 1]” was designed by the company AIRXESS in Bern, Switzerland.

When Hiller hit the ice during training camp, the crowd was all abuzz about his new look and comments like “Bobby, come to the Dark Side” and “Sheldon, I am your father” abounded.

According to Adam Brady at the Ducks, everyone – including on ice officials – has been asking him about his new look, so it’s pretty certain he will be rocking the Darth Hiller look this season.

I wonder if that means he’s also gonna get those cool Lord of the Sith supernovae contact lenses to really freak everyone out…?

The full story about Jojo’s new look and his other helmets is here at the goalie guild

If you scroll all the way down to the comment section, there’s a wacky rant by a goaltender who thinks that it isn’t right for goalies to customize their masks, that the only reason they do it is to draw attention to themselves and yell “look at me!”

Quite frankly, I love the creativity they are allowed.  What’s more fun than trying to decipher what all the hyroglyphics mean?  Giggy’s “frankenquaker”, Kari Lehtonen’s homage to “Kill Bill”, Antero Niittymaki’s bullet hole-ridden lid and who could possibly forget John Grahame’s NASCAR-themed artwork that came complete with a badly rendered NASCAR bikini chick.  For more good, bad and patently godawful, check out Sports Illustrated.

Now I’m waiting for baseball catchers to start doing the same thing!