Scribbles & Bibbles – Random Anaheim Duck Notes From Around The Internet


The Vancouver Canucks may have beaten the Canards 4-1 last Saturday, but we made ‘em pay.  Goaltender Roberto Luongo is out with a “mild” groin injury and probably won’t play until the next Ducks matchup … wherein Sheldon Brookbank can kick him in the fruit basket again.

We all know that Bobby Ryan’s resigning elicited a huge sigh of relief from everyone concerned, but a couple of backstory details recently surfaced that further cemented my loyalty.  Not only did Bobby spend a great deal of time with ‘mates Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf doing a bit of soul searching before making his decision, he told other teams not to bother sending offer sheets. Who in their right mind does that?

Speaking of Bobby, he’s been taken off the Perry/Getzlaf line – at least for now.  He’s been moved to centre and is loving the new challenge.  If the move works, that’ll mean we will have seriously powerful offence as well as powerplay attackers.

Ducks 5, Sharks 4 – fish food ensues

On September 24th, the West Coast rivalry that actually means something, turned into a bloody precursor to what we can expect during the regular season.  With five fights during the first period (six in total) and 144 penalty minutes racked up, it certainly looked like both teams were out to prove their mettle.  Key among them, Aaron Voros who twice dropped the gloves and ended up with a jersey merrily decorated with half Christmas colors.  Said Getzlaf of the festivities, “That was a dogfight out there…Guys are playing hard for each other. Do we need six fights or nine fights like it seemed tonight? Probably not.”  Oh, but it keeps the trainers from getting bored.

October 8th marks the beginning of regular season and we get to not only face Detroit, but play in Detroit!  Oh goodie! 

Oh, and if you hit the Kings’ Hockeywood site, pretty much every post begins with “honk if you hate the Ducks”.