More Trade Rumors


The internet is buzzing with another Ducks trade rumor, but it doesn’t involve J.S. Giguere this time. If you’re looking for Giguere rumors, you can read my post here, otherwise read on to hear about the new one involving Captain Scott Niedermayer.

The Newark Star-Ledger asked Niedermayer about the possibility of being traded back to the Devils, to which he responded “I think it’s a possibility. Last year we were kind of in a situation where we were teetering and there was some talk and rumors. You start to think about it.

“But I’m not thinking about that right now. Our goal right now is to do well on this road trip, to play good hockey and get into the playoff picture and compete with this team. When those bridges come, I’ll deal with them.”

Niedermayer continued: “If the team came to me, they’d be free to do what they wanted. I don’t have a no-trade. We’re still a ways from there. When the time comes, hopefully we’ll be in the playoffs and ready to compete for the Stanley Cup.”

Bob Murray, the Ducks’ GM, quickly responded today in an interview with the OC Register. “Scott’s going nowhere,” he said. “He was in New Jersey and some writer decided to make some trouble in Anaheim. Scotty is going to retire as an Anaheim Duck, whenever that might be. As far as I’m concerned, Scotty can play for the Ducks as long as he wants. It’s the same thing I said last year. He wants to retire here and he’s going to retire here.”

That effectively kills the trade rumor. There’s no reason to doubt Murray’s words as he hasn’t gone back on them at any point yet. In fact, I would imagine it would be near impossible for Murray to trade the player, the Captain, that led the Ducks to a Stanley Cup while picking up a Conn Smythe Trophy in the process. I could only see it happening if Niedermayer asks Murray for the trade, which Niedermayer probably would not do. Besides, it’s quite well-documented how much Niedermayer and his family love California and they’d most likely be reluctant to leave.

But there is another issue here. Should the Captain really be entertaining this question or similar questions? The Ducks are currently at the very bottom of the Western Conference. That’s right, last place. And the Captain is answering questions about him being traded? To be honest, anything other than “I’m a Duck and will work hard until the end” is unacceptable. At least he finished by saying he hopes the team makes the playoffs, otherwise he’d almost sound like he were asking for a trade.

Regardless, his comments will probably raise a few eyebrows throughout the Ducks’ organization. Obviously Bob Murray was concerned enough to go out and clearly say that Niedermayer would not be traded. I just wish Niedermayer would have done the same.