Injured Ducks


Although the Ducks don’t have a huge number of injuries, it might be that past injuries may be one cause for the Ducks’ lackluster play to start the season. Although it may seem like an easy excuse, it very well could be a big factor for the struggling Ducks’ offense.

Take, for example, Ryan Getzlaf. Getzlaf had sports hernia surgery in the off season and was back with the team in training camp. He has reported that there are no issues and it doesn’t seem that there are with his interaction with trainers and the coaching staff. But one can’t help but wonder if his recovery is taking a little longer than expected. Getzlaf has put up a measly three assists and no goals in the Ducks’ first seven games. He has looked slow at times this season and it’s not unreasonable to assume that he’s not 100%. But don’t ask him, because he’ll tell you he’s fine.

Another player that is returning from off-season surgery is Erik Christensen. He wasn’t a huge scoring threat last season with the team, but he did generate a lot of chances. He’s only played a few games this season but his situation could be very similar to Getzlaf’s as the psychological aspect of it may be the most difficult part to deal with.

Then we have James Wisniewski. Wisniewski tweaked his shoulder in a game against the Flyers earlier this season. He expects to be back tomorrow, and that decision will be completely up to him as the only issue is how much pain he can play with. I expect him to be in the lineup because he’s a warrior and plays playoff hockey all the time, but he might be tentative…just as Christensen is being with his injury.

Add to that news that J.S. Giguere seems to have some sort of injury and suddenly the Ducks injuries, or semi-injuries, are starting to pile up. Both Coach Randy Carlyle and Giguere were intentionally vague as to what injury Jiggy is dealing with, but it doesn’t seem like a long term issue. The team may have to call up another goalie from the minor leagues, however, for Wednesday’s game if Giguere can’t play.