Ducks' Stadium Series Jersey Unveiled on Dec. 3rd

The Los Angeles Kings’ official instagram released a teaser video announcing that they will unveil their Stadium Series jersey on December 3rd and the Anaheim Ducks’ Adam Brady later revealed on twitter that the Ducks will do the same. An article on icethetics talked in great detail about both jerseys. The author of the article seems to believe that the Kings’ jersey will be white, derived from the instagram video, with a stripping on the sleeve that looks similar to the New York Islanders’ Stadium Series jersey.

Now, besides a tweet from Adam Brady, a fellow blogger over at Lion vs. Mallard tweeted out some details regarding the Ducks’ jersey that he had heard from an employee at the Ducks’ Team Store:

Potential scoop? I spoke w/ employee at Ducks team store yesterday who said Stadium jersey essentially an orange version of 3rd.

Said he’d seen designs, and the one Ducks most likely went with basically flips the orange and black on the current third look.

Now, you can choose to believe him or not. I don’t know if I do. However, the idea of switching orange and black on the current alternate jersey seems like kind of a lame way to go about this special situation.

via Scott Markiewicz

via Scott Markiewicz

This is a concept I found a while ago and I’ve had it saved on my desktop for a while and it’s originally for a possible new white road jersey based off of the current alternate, if it were made the regular home jersey, which is probably going to happen at some point. Now, just imagine the white jersey as orange and that is what this employee said he believes the stadium series jersey will be.

I was hoping for something that was brand new because that is usually the case when it comes to these games. However, it may be a nice little concept if it was orange. How would you guys feel??? We’ll find out on Tuesday what the Ducks will be wearing in Dodgers Stadium!

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