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Forbes' List of Most Valuable NHL Teams, Ducks Rank 21st

This morning Forbes released it’s list of most valuable NHL teams and the Anaheim Ducks came in 21st, which happens to be the same spot the fell in last year. Anyway, before I get into it a little more, here is the complete list and my two cents:

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs = $1.15 billion
    1. All without any playoff success, that’s impressive, but, Canada.
  2. New York Rangers = $850 million
    1. When you charge more than anyone else, you’re gonna make a lot of money.
  3. Montreal Canadiens = $775 million
    1. Canada
  4. Vancouver Canucks = $700 million
    1. No cups and a divorce among owners, yet still very valuable. Impressive, but it’s Canada.
  5. Chicago Blackhawks = $625 million
    1. 2 cups in three years ain’t bad for revenue.
  6. Boston Bruins = $600 million
    1. Long playoff run after long playoff run after long playoff run. (by the way, Boston has 8 overall championships in 11 years. screw them)
  7. Philadelphia Flyers = $500 million
    1. Doesn’t hurt having a HUGE bar(s) right next to your arena that’s under the same ownership as the franchise.
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins = $480 million
    1. Pittsburgh owes a lot to Super Mario.
  9. Detroit Red Wings = $470 million
    1. Ew. Now they have a new arena coming, too.
  10. Los Angeles Kings = $450 million
    1. Ew. Recent playoff success helps.
  11. Calgary Flames = $420 million
    1. Let’s face it, if this franchise was anywhere but Canada, this franchise would not be very high with the way it has been run lately.
  12. Washington Capitals = $414 million
    1. Imagine if they never drafted Alex Ovechkin.
  13. San Jose Sharks = $405 million
    1. Ew…….that’s it.
  14. Edmonton Oilers = $400 million
    1. Imagine if they had been any good the last few years…..and they have a new arena in a few years.
  15. Ottawa Senators = $380 million
    1. They spent most of their revenue last year on paying loans….that’s gonna be me next year after I graduate :(
  16. Winnipeg Jets = $340 million
    1. A casino was recently built in Winnipeg. Jets’ execs = ( $ > $ )…….that’s supposed to be a face with dollar signs as eyes and a nose in between
  17. Colorado Avalanche = $337 million
    1. The owner also owns the St. Louis Rams of the NFL, Arsenal of the English Premier League and just bought Outdoor Network…..I think he made some nice choices….until he bought that tv channel.
  18. Dallas Stars = $333 million
    1. An awesome new look is probably really boosting sales.
  19. Minnesota Wild = $330 million
    1. Kind of upsetting, seeing as Minnesota is the state of hockey, if only they were better.
  20. New Jersey Devils = $320 million
    1. The new owner who just bought the franchise also owns an NBA franchise, Philadelphia 76ers, that shares their home with one of their fiercest rivals, Flyers, duh.
  21. ANAHEIM DUCKS = $300 million
    1. A new restaurant, new terrace and new team store should help the Ducks rise a little bit or at least make a little more money. It doesn’t help that they are the only ones who really use the Honda Center full-time.
  22. Buffalo Sabres = $250 million
    1. I blame John Scott and Patrick Kaleta.
  23. Florida Panthers = $240 million
    1. “We See Red” helped.
  24. Nashville Predators = $205 million
    1. Poor ticket revenue is apparently their problem…
  25. Phoenix Coyotes = $200 million
    1. Their new ownership/arena contract says that the team can leave in five years if they’re losing money…, where they headed in five years?
  26. New York Islanders = $195 million
    1. An aging arena and no success recently, before last year. However, they have one of the best players in the world in John Tavares and they’re moving into the new Barclays Center.
  27. Carolina Hurricanes = $187 million
    1. I don’t know, looks like hockey isn’t working in North Carolina.
  28. St. Louis Blues = $185 million
    1. Again, I don’t know why.
  29. Tampa Bay Lightning = $180 million
    1. Worse than the Panthers? Really?
  30. Columbus Blue Jackets = $175 million
    1. Poor attendance and no success leads to low revenue.

This is the first time since 1998, when Forbes started doing these lists, that three of the top five most valuable franchises are in Canada and this is the first time that every Canadian team is in the top 16. I thought that was surprising because I would’ve thought that those things would’ve happened every year…..

Anyway, the Ducks are 21st and that’s not a surprise. The Samueli’s are working on trying to improve this franchise and I think we’ll see how successful they are in doing so in the next year or two, especially with the brand new team store, the new restaurant and the new grand terrace, all being completed recently at Honda Center. Also, having a little more success will help and I think with the team that we have and some young players still yet to make a major impact, that should happen.

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