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Anaheim Ducks' Player and Team Ratings in NHL 13

Over the last two days Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy Blog revealed each teams overall ratings and each players overall rating. Today, they revealed the ratings for the Anaheim Ducks and their players. Here are those player ratings:

 Okay, well the first thing I see is that 1) they spelled “Smith-Pelly” wrong, 2) Niklas Hagman is no longer on the team and 3) There’s no Daniel Winnik. Anyway, EA Sports has changed up the way they rate players from the last game. How did they change?

“Last year, overall ratings reflected a player’s effectiveness based on their player type (ex. Sniper, Enforcer, Grinder, etc.). NHL 13 Overall ratings are based on a player’s overall skill based on their position.”

“It was a fan-requested change that ensured that overall ratings were more representative of a players skill level in real life. A players who is 90+ will feel drastically different than one who is rated 65.”

“Examples: NHL 12 Parros was an 81 as his rating was based on his player type — enforcer, meaning that he was an above average enforcer. In NHL 13 Parros is an 69 overall based on his skill level as a forward. Chris Neil was an 82 (Grinder) last year, this year he’s a 78. With this new overall ratings system, his rating didn’t drop as significantly as Parros because he’s still a skilled player who can check and score effectively.”

I firmly believe that the NHL series of video games with EA Sports is the best sports game available. I’ve had each copy going back to the beginning of the series. Almost every player on the Ducks roster’s overall dropped from the previous video game. Ryan Getzlaf was a 91 last year and now he’s an 88. Corey Perry was a 90 last year and now he’s an 88. Those two and Bobby Ryan, 89 last year and 86 this year, are the top three overall rated players on the team, which comes as no surprise. What is a little surprising are the overalls. I thought all three would be higher than they are, but it’s whatever. I am looking forward to seeing how players like Emerson Etem, Peter Holland, Sami Vatanen and Hampus Lindholm are rated.

Finally, the team ratings are also different. In NHL 13, the Ducks’ offense is rated 3.5, their defense is rated 4 and their goaltending is also rated 4. I’m guessing the highest it can be is 5 because I haven’t seen otherwise. This rating system has the Ducks offense among the bottom three in the Western Conference with the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Phoenix Coyotes, also at 3.5. To be brutally honest, I think they got that right, the Ducks offense just makes me sad. Their defense and goaltending is pretty much the NHL average for NHL 13.

Overall, the Anaheim Ducks in NHL 13 are pretty close to what the team is in real life. What is that you say? Not a playoff caliber team. I still have some doubts about the offense. If the offense can be more consistent and if the second and/or third lines can contribute more than last year, than maybe I will change my mind. For now, not a playoff caliber team I’m afraid.

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