Trying to stay positive...

So tonight the Ducks take on the Stars after back-to back wins in Anaheim. What an opportunity to gain some momentum at the prospect of riding some positive energy in to a potentially big win.

Except for one thing… Hiller has a lower body injury and Ellis has a groin injury. There’s a George Carlin joke to be made in there somewhere, only I’m too worried over tonight’s goaltending to really give it the effort it deserves.

So our goaltending tonight will be proved by either Jeff Deslauriers or Iiro Tarkki, which has got to have the Dallas bench pretty excited.

It would be easy at this point to play the “woe is me” game and talk about how much bad luck we’ve been having, how miserable it’s all going to be, and how terrible the goaltending is going to be tonight. But I’m going to try and take a step back from that and approach this from a view that I rarely tend to take: the “glass is half full” view.

Tonight is an opportunity for a new goaltender to step up and make their case, to take the leap in to the deep end with the big boys and prove that they belong. Deslauriers is likely to get the nod as he’s got much more NHL experience than Tarkki (we just watched his entire NHL career last Sunday), but who knows what can happen.

Maybe Deslauriers will inspire a second chance. Maybe Tarkki will surprise the hell out of everyone and get his chance (Finnish Ducks seem to have a bit of luck).

Either way, I’m trying not to pronounce tonight’s game over four hours before it begins. I’ll give it 10 minutes or so before I start getting indignant about letting Emery go…

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