Teemu Selanne celebrates a goal against the Edmonton Oilers. (via Getty Images)

Who to keep an eye on in training camp: Teemu Selanne

Teemu has made up his mind. Teemu comes to the rescue once again. He is undoubtedly my favorite Duck that was one the roster this past season. Also, one of my favorites of all-time. 

The Winnipeg Jets traded Teemu Selanne and Marc Chouinard and a fourth-round pick to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for Chad Kilger, Oleg Tverdovsky and a third-round pick. He immediately fit in with Paul Kariya and those two would become on of the most potent scoring duos in the NHL. He rejoined the Ducks after a few down seasons in San Jose and Colorado in 2005 when he signed as a free agent.

Since rejoining the Ducks he didn’t miss a step and continued to produce and be a team leader on and off the ice. Last season was one of his best even at his current age. He has become quite possibly the best player to ever play for the Ducks and nothing is going to make the Ducks fans happier than seeing him back in black. Teemu “One More” Selanne will be a huge attraction at training camp. One, he is extremely amazing at hockey. Two, he is Teemu Selanne. And three, he is extremely amazing at hockey. So, welcome back Teemu, I am so happy to see you come back and want to wish you well this season. Keep an eye on the Finnish Flash for at least one more training camp.

  • reedsolomon.matr1x

    Winnipeg’s loss was literally Anaheim’s gain. We got nothing for him, aside from screwing over Phoenix for years to come. Which in retrospect was perhaps the plan. Now Winnipeg is back, and we get to see Teemu play for one more year, and even better, he’ll be coming to the city, where he earned the nickname “The Finnish Flash”, to play against the new Jets (barring God forbid any new injury). I hope you all appreciate how lucky you are that you got to experience such a great player all these years. Lucky ducks.

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