The 2012 Winter Classic has been announced. It will be the Philadelphia Flyers vs. the New York Rangers. The event will be held at Citizen’s Bank Park, which is home of the Philadelphia Phillies. Unlike every other Winter Classic, this game will be held on January 2nd instead of the 1st. This is most likely because Jan. 1st lands on a Sunday, and if the NFL does not go to a lockout, the Eagles will be hosting the Redskins. This will be the Flyers second trip to the Winter Classic and the Rangers first.

Now, here comes my rant:

HBO 24/7: Pens-Caps was pretty awesome. Getting to see practices and inside the locker rooms (especially Boudreau’s f-bombs) was something every NHL fan was excited about. Also hearing them on the ice gave you a feel of how it was out there. We also saw some of the interesting pre-game rituals some of the players did. The ratings were great and I even knew several people who never watch a single game of hockey that thought it was awesome. The only thing that would have made it better: if there was an actual rivalry between the two teams.

Last years Winter Classic was a snore-fest. It was very unexciting and was completely one-sided. Blackhawks vs. Red Wings was a great game, as was Bruins vs. Flyers. That is because THERE IS A RIVALRY. The Caps-Pens rivalry is completely made up by the NHL to gain ratings. “Ovechkin vs. Crosby” is what they promote like crazy, but there is no rivalry between the two. The Rags and Flyers have very little rivalry, other than being in the same division. If that is the NHL’s reasoning for this, why not Devils vs. Rangers? Two teams that hate one another. Have you ever watched those two teams play? Fantastic games every time.

There are so many other games that are more deserving:

-Kings vs. Ducks

-Devils vs. Rangers

-Ducks vs. Sharks

-Bruins vs. Habs (only problem is Bruins have already been in the WC)

-Rangers vs. Isles

The list goes on and on.

I expect this Winter Classic to be just as boring as last years.

  • loki

    Dude, Rangers Flyers rivalry goes back 40 years. Bench Clearing brawls, Playoff Upsets on both sides. Dave Brown crosschecking Sandstrom in the face. Tocchet – McPhee battles. Last year they played the final game of the year to decide the 8th spot in the playoffs and it went to overtime. Game 82 overtime decided the final playoff spot in the final game of the year. I think you should rethink your position because you obviously dont know Eastern conference hockey.


  • loki

    Not to mention the cities absolutley hate each other because of the other sports. Mets-Phils Giants-Eagles Knicks-Sixers. All long time rivalries. Plus, both teams are grind it out, hard-working, gritty type teams. Its gonna be an awesome game.

  • Joe

    I live outside of Philadelphia. I am a former Flyers season ticket holder and have missed only a hand full of games since 1986. I HATE THE RANGERS. They are the Flyers top rival. The only reason it’s not hot now is because the Rangers have sucked.

    Really man, did you do any research before writing this?

  • DG

    blogs like this are why we don’t like west coast hockey fans…really? Flyers-Rags isn’t a rivalry? since when? you do realize the Garden and WFC are less than 100 miles apart and that the fan bases overlap significantly in central jersey, right?

  • ray

    You’re not very intelligent when it comes to Flyers hockey Mr. Ducks fan. Just stay in California before you start talking like you know anything about east coast hockey. The Flyers Rangers games bring some of the most hostile environments on the ice in the entire NHL, unlike “Ducks Kings” or “Ducks Sharks”. We’ve been around a lot longer than the ducks or sharks, and the Flyers Rangers rivalry is a CLASSIC rivalry. If only there was a game to celebrate such a thing, oh wait! That’s what the Winter Classic is!

  • nick

    Im from Central Jersey and your either a Ranger fan (which I am) or a Flyers fan. You can make a case for the devils but the only time they can sell out their few year old 375 MILLION dollar arena is when the Rangers or Flyers are in town! This will not only but a great game, but a wonderful 24/7 series. Think of all the characters…Torts, Avery, Dubinsky, Richards, Carcillo, Hartnell ect..I personally cannot wait.

  • loki

    Hey “hockey” fan. Still think this is going to be a SnoreFest??? Not sure if you heard but a lots happened to the Flyers and Rangers rosters the last few days. The Rangers just signed a decent little player, Brad Richards who had been with Tortarella in Tampa when they won the cup in ’04, to be thier first line center for about $100 billion dollars. And another guy, not sure if you’ve heard of him all the way out there in the West coast, Jaromir Jagr, just returned to the NHL to play for the Flyers. He was kind of a big deal in the NHL a few years back, and btw, also played for the Rangers for 3 years before leaving the NHL to play in Russia. Umm, oh yeah, the Flyers traded thier two top players away and are totally revamping thier roster around a goalie who now makes 6 mill a year and who I believe has never even won a playoff game. Now I know all of this news might have passed you by as you probably are spending all your time working on your, waxing your surfboards and eating fish tacos but here in NY and Phi, the 24/7 cannot start soon enough.

  • kostitsynkicksass

    FYI, Its pretty awesome watching the caps play the pens because there is so much talent on both teams. also if youve been paying attention instead of being a little whiney bitch you would notice that they are trying to stick to the whole original six idea. Rangers and flyers is a really big market because it one if not the only winter classic that has two teams that are so close to each other that it is like an hour to an hour and a half to the other so there wont be such thing as a home ice advantage because the stadium will basically have an equal amount of fans at the game. Lastly, DUCKS SUCK!!!!! GO PREDATORS!!!!!!!!!!


    Avery is gonna be a hurricane on 24/7!!!!